Is there an Ichor guide?


Soon I will get my first Velco weapon and looking for guides how ichoring actually works only leads me to threats about how horrible the rng is.
Well dang. Is there a guide about it?

Basic information I am looking for are:

  • Can I reapply ichors to Velcoffer gear, like I get something better then I will overwrite the old one?
  • The extraction chance is 5%, correct?
  • Does offhand share one Ichor or are daggers, pistols and shield separate?
  • Amor Ichors are only separated into which slot but not into cloth/leather/plate?

Thanks for replies? :slight_smile:


There’s an in-game help menu on the subject.

Yes, but you will not get the old ichor back.

That’s correct.

They are all separate. You can only apply dagger ichors to daggers, etc.

That’s correct. You can ichor cloth gloves onto plate velcoffer gloves, but not onto cloth boots.


all i can say is, its better for you to do 2-3 weapon/armor ichor at the same times
e.g prepare 2-3 shield to ichor, it give u better “placebo” chance to get an ichor.


Thanks a lot!
So at first I can apply anything on my Velcoffer and maybe one day some decent stats like Wastrel. This helps a lot. :slight_smile:


keep in mind its also cheaper atm to craft masinios weapons to ichor and apply those to your velcoffer weapon, then at rebuild you can swap the ichor’d weapon and recieve an 100% success chance ichor voucher to use on an asio or wastrel item

its still costly to craft masinios, but less so then wastrel or asio so just another option that some of us are doing atm


This is what I meant, I got very lucky tonight and managed to ichor a Masinios Mace on the 5th ichor kit.

Now when rebuild goes live I can exchange the mace in the screenshot for a 2handed +6 / Transcend 6 Velcoffer Bow and I will recieve an voucher to 100% extract an ichor from any masinios/wastre/asio weapon which I have ready in bank.


This is amazing! I thought that if you hand in something like masinios shield ichor that you will receive a shield ichor voucher back.

Thanks a lot for that info! This means I could try to get any Masinio/Asio/Wastrel Ichor before I get my velcoffer weapon, then pick a velcoffer weapon accordingly (offhand for cheap enhancement would be best) throw the ichor on it then on rebuild swap it for a 2-Hand and Ichor my actual two hand safely?


Do not do this unless the materials for a Masinios are cheaper than the materials for Asio or Wastrel. Right now on Klaipeda, many Wast/Asio mats are cheap and abundant, and recipes are absurdly cheap, and Masi mats are harder to farm because they drop from 1 mob per map rather than as a global drop on a given map. Some of those mobs for mats are also absurdly spread out, so it completely depends on the weapon in question.


Sadly this is the case now, people all caught on right at the same time and all the Varle Skipper Sword and Helmsman Mace Fragments were bought out or relisted for 100k each which is Wastrel/Asio range except you need 107 of them.

I farmed 51 fragments by hand and was ready to kill myself before buying the rest, but it still works, people just all know now on Klai.

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