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Is there an full explanation page? So confuse

Now i read the skills and get super confuse about wording. Like ‘+damage’, are other skills will effect it? (i.e. Lycanthropy: Human Form, Frenzy etc. ). Some say ‘attack’, Is it include the attack skills too? (i.e. Aspergillum ) and how they interact with them. (Because when i use aspergillum, Basic attack get an additional hit but skills don’t)
And how the ‘additional damage’ work? Are priest and krivis skill count as additional damage too?

Is there some web page that explain about this out there? It’ll help with character build so much.

  • Additional damage increase (%): Affect all skill and basic attack dmg.
  • Final dmg increase: Boost all skill and basic dmg, stack multiplicatively with above (human lycan, sharp spear, dragonoid, etc).
  • Basic attack modifier and increase: modify basic attack dmg (binato, limacon, ram muai, running shot) or add skill factor to basic dmg (aspergillum, renovate trigger, swift ark). i.e. basic+asper= 100%+380%, binato+asper= 190%*2+380%, binato+asper+swiftark= 190%*2+380%+160%,
  • Additional dmg (value): An extra dmg added at the end of your skill/basic dmg calculation, all add dmg except krivis’s are affected by Prideti accessory.
  • Short formula: (Attack value)(skill/basic factor)(crit modifier)(100% + adddmg%)(100% + finaldmg%)*(target defense penalty) + add dmg - add dmg resistance.

Thanks for explanation.

Still have question about interaction of Aspergillum and attack skill. Because it seem effect only basic attack but not attack skill unlike the text said.

Technically, you can think of it as a normal skill that is auto-active every time you do a basic attack; no interaction with normal skills. There is an arts option that makes it a normal castable skill with cd. The game description can be confusing since Imc mostly just translate from Korean tos

Oh i see. this is bad news.

Thank you for the answer.