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Is there a new random ichoring stats for lvl 440 equipments?

As title suggests.
I haven’t found it yet, or maybe my google-fu simply sucks.

I do have an idea on the numbers thanks to the perfect magnifier.
But a link (if it exists), would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

i not understand ur question

  • u asking abt all max stat for savi dysnai?
  • u wanna know abt the primus dysnai?
  • u need recommend gear for class and content?
  • what link u need?

I think he want savionse stat table. But ye, his phrase confused a lot.



Yes. I wanted to know the max stat for the savi dysnai.
Apologies if I didn’t word it much clearer.

Thank you very much!
Although the purple stat on the 2-handed sword is 779 in-game. I used a perfect sandra on one.