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Is Priest + Monk + Inquisitor viable?


Hey there! i’m kinda dizzy with the new rebuild builds. But i would like to know some opinions about this build (Priest + Monk + Inquisitor) I used to play a PriestC3 + Monk Build before Re:build. And it was pretty good. I know that it changes a lot. But i was thinking on do this build. So if anyone can give me an opinion about monk i would be more than thankful. Oh and if you wanna share some builds it would be more than welcome! Thanks in advice! Have fun!


There is no class monk in this game. Please accept this reality.


Monk damaga is so bad that you can’t even buff it by any means. You can choose to keep going with monk for preference but to be honest, just save your time and play other class. Monk is super uninteresting even that you try super hard to praise it. (I know that feeling, I play Sura back in Ragnarok Online)



I have mained a monk since release and (painfully) continue to do so with a monk/chap/zealot. Unless you just really like monk, I would recommend anyone take it out of their build until it receives some patch love.

Monk right now is bad, and the build you have above will rely primarily on inquis damage. You will get some utility for solo and party play with the priest, but your healing is going to be lower due to monk/inquis stat distribution.

I think you would be better off replacing monk with pally in this case, or keeping monk and trading priest for something to provide more damage/offensive utility to account for the low DPS monk brings.

Best of luck!


monk is just for the costume, just cosmetic. dont even try to compare it.


If you’re looking to be a top DPS, don’t bother with having monk in the build. But if you really insist on having monk, then go with Paladin, Monk, Inquisitor (probably the best with breaking wheel with defensive options) or Krivis, Monk, Inquisitor (for damage support). Having priest can help with party support, but you’re basically a jack of all trades and are basically limited to what each class can do (almost no synergy with each other). If anything, monk is there to use golden bell shield and go wild with your monk skills before the skill wears off for damage suport and for a defensive style, you can double with the paladin skill for a good 14% dmg reduction from physical attacks.


As long as you have decent gear and Inquisitor in your Cleric build, you will be viable DPS.
But yeah, Monks are pretty underwhelmed now, unfortunately.


Wow poor monk… I’ve never seen a class so underwhelming that almost everyone agree upon. Usually it’s “this class is weak but if you do this or that then…”.


Wow! Thanks you so much for all the replies! It was very constructive! Well i think i sadly and with all the pain i will give up with monk :sad: (For now) Since i been playin it before Re:build. And i really like it but it was already kinda poor. So i think i will use some Inquisitor build. But i’m not sure what should i choose Pally, Zealot or Druid? The true is that out of priest and monk im kinda lost with Cleric class :tired:. So! if you share some builds and give some opinions it would be awesome! meanwhile i will experiment a little! Well! Thanks you so much again! Have fun everyone!


I made a Priest-Druid-Monk, just to test if monk was really that bad. With Golden Bell+Sterea Trofh I was able to do 270k crits with palm strike. But then my Priest-PD-Inqui with 0 buffs does 550k+ crits with god smash…

That being said, I still enjoyed playing Monk. Even with a weird build my character is not useless heal-wise or dps-wise in CMs/Dungeons, but that may be because I have decent gear.


Paladin-inquisitor is quite similar to the playstyle of monk imo. Close range offensive skills.

You can also do zealot-inqui-oracle, which is a very standard physical attack cleric build. You can also replace oracle with druid, paladin, or plaguedoctor. It’s personal preferences really.