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Is Javelin a Basic Attack?

The Vaivora Vision for Hoplite apparently gives you up to three Javelins that are activated when using basic attacks. Are they affected by modifiers to basic attacks, like Sacrament, Saint Oath, and Ark - Swift?

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I am just gathering equipment to try it !! will tell you as soon as i know.

In Tree of Savior, whenever you think you’ve found what could be an interesting interaction between skills, items, or otherwise, you either find something that’s powerful, but impractical, or nothing but disappointment.

As it turns out, the Javelin effect counts as neither an attack skill nor basic attack. It does not benefit from basic attack modifiers, nor does it dealing damage increase Saint Oath set stacks. It’s an unfortunate conclusion to this, but clearly no one else really cared enough to test it out. I guess this is a good thing.

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on 470/rebalance we’ll get an equipment storage swaps event, in case you feel like it was a mistake.

I’ve already re-sold the Vision. I still had a Legend grade spear to equip it and test it out on.