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Is it worth it to pick Corsair as a support class only for the Brutality along with Assassins buffs?

Corsairs dagger skills have been maxed as well for AOE damage. How is the 60% bonus damage calculated? Does it end up adding up alot or the calculation makes it small

Calculation makes it small yes, factoring your endgame ichor it’s not worth going corsair. Assassin has also multiple benefits such as crit rate and crit damage.

then what would you considere worth to combine with assassin?

Many ways to build scout, some are better than others. I don’t play scout main but from what I see:

  • Bullet Marker - Assassin - Clown is top build but requiring 2 weapons investment, can’t use in automatch content due to weapon swap disable.
  • Assassin - Clown - Ardito/Rogue is slightly weaker but only use 1 weapon, may require multiple daggers if you want more dps.
  • Assassin - Bullet Marker - Outlaw/Sheriff is less popular but viable choice as well, still need 2 weapons but dagger doesn’t need to be heavily invested.

Since Hasisas does no longer affect pistol skills/attacks on KTOS since the 22nd of April patch, I would not go any dagger + pistol route with Assassin.

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