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Is it possible to change iToS to japanese (not voice pack)?

In January 2019 I asked about this but you guys told me it was not possible because japanese ToS was not yet on Re:build while iToS was, so files were not compatible.

So now, after a year and a half, want to try it again. Is it possible now?

I want to play iToS in Japanese, with text, kanji, voices and all the stuff but in USA servers because the ping with a vpn is too high to be fun.

Some guy told me it was in theory possible changing some files, but want some opinions before trying anything.
Thank you.

Edit: seems like a new problem arose, as jtos is in steam now, can’t manage to download those files.

Edit2: I manage to download the jap version. So I have the files.

No. Your account cannot transfer to jtos

jtos is a different game, just download, log in and enjoy wasting your time.

I’m not trying to transfer any account. Just change the language.

OP do you mean the voice? Coz I think just have to change language to Japanese in a file

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Thanks for the reply but no, as the title says I don’t mean the voice. I mean all text, voice would be nice as well but not necesarry if its only for spells and stuff like that.
In case theres dub for all text, then yes I would like voices as well.

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question is it on user.xml ?? and type japanese? and reset client? want to experience jp voice

theres no jp pack font in itos. best u can have is character voice jp

iTOS used to have Japanese and Korean as in-game language.

Even IMC said that they DISABLED an ability to change ingame language to Japanese and Korean, yet they didn’t removed from your client. moreover, they re-added it on 17th March.
so, most likely, the files still there in your client, but just outdated.

I promise nothing, but your best bet is try to set the game language via user.xml file to Japanese. (the one under <Config)

Edit: not sure if direct copy-paste Japanese language from jTOS client will work on iTOS, due to difference language table list. if it really differ, i’m pretty sure that the client gonna be messed AF

Tried and was so happy it seemed to work but after getting into the game all text says “no data” :frowning:. Probably is not possible to change to japanese T.T
I can’t stand the japanese ping :S

Yeah that one. Been using japanese voice since I learned it a long ago… Sounds nicer in my opinion, feels kinda like anime :stuck_out_tongue:

well after trying some stuff seems like it wont work. But theres something nice, as ToS is now part of steam, I can play the japanese version without a VPN so the ping is lower than last year. Thanks for your time everyone

Get the japanese language file from jtos client or friend
overwrite the current “Japanese” folder

Then go in game, change your language to Japanese. That should do the trick
However, do note that iToS is always ahead of jToS. Therefore you will be in situations where the newer items in iToS do not have the japanese names/files for them, and will display as $nodata_XXXXXXXXXX$

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