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Is it me or it is super laggy since goddess patch?

day 2 of goddess patch and i still cant play any content…the delay is huge, around 10sec - 30sec or just kick me out to character select most of the time. Cant event peacefully AFK sleep.

Whats weird is it seems like im the only one experiencing it since most people are doing the usual content and no one i know is crying about lag.

Already tried 32bit and 64bit but no change.

Heres my usual ping since update:

My internet connection didn’t change and still in stable 20mbps(not that strong but enough to play online games without delay)

Anyone experiencing this???

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Hello @Koala,

Kindly send us a support ticket for assistance regarding the matter.

any update? having the same issue :frowning:

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i agree in large groups the lag is way more than before like a delay lag

I sent a ticket and repeatedly noted that my internet is not an issue since its stable, its working fine before update, and works fine on different online games.

They told me to delete ‘user.xml’ file to fix it…so i deleted it without knowing what that file is > opened the game and game still delayed.

I found out that the file i deleted is just the saved settings of my account(graphics, sound, effects etc.) and it just reset my personal settings…SO basically this solution doesn’t have anything to do with my latency issue lol GG.

I sent again a ticket saying I did what they said and nothing happens…and they reply to check my internet connection, restart router blah balh, like wtf? I already cleared out from the start that my internet is not an issue and they come back to me saying to check my internet.

Now I’m doubting their customer support. Do they even know what ‘latency’ is? or do they know how to read?
All their solutions are like common knowledge for someone who can at least use computer.

Ye and so I gave up and didn’t sent another ticket. I’ll just wait for maintenance if this got fixed. and if not, well cya around :smiley: