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Is it a bad idea to go for Glacia Plate armor?

I’m a chaplain-krivis-zealot. Chaplain is the most fixed part.

Chaplain is kinda the most melee class in the game imo XD I mean I don’t think any other class should be able to facetank that much as Chap…

I’m about to make my first Glacia armor… So is it still a bad idea to go for plate armor as a dps? It also has 5 movespeed what I find rly nice. I think a bit more mobility for Chaplain can be rly rly good.

I’m also not super good with weekly bosses for example… Not always but sometimes I die…and I’m kinda always afraid to stand in circles that gives damage and stuff but takes away your heal etc…you know these kind of mechanics…because I die more easily…

So idk… I know leather is considered the best because the game is mostly all about damage… but Glacia Plate seems quite nice… so would I lose THAT much damage with it that it would be a totally horrible stupid idea to go for Plate? XD

Pretty much everyone (besides heal ofc) , of all class types (incl melee), use Leather and do very fine.
Sure… you can do what you want, but plate is not necessary…

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MAYBE you can go plate and take leather buff when you are going to do in game contents.
Just pick a piece of your armor to repair - you need just one piece of armor to get the buff - on any person who has the leather art.
At least you still have the leather buff. It can work. For 30 minutes… xD


That repair buff stacks with the passive buff? Or it count as one?

It stacks afaik. So from my point of view those don’t rly matter because I get what I want anytime.

I did a little testing because I have damage increase skills… I’m rly bad at testing tho XD… But these things are additive too so the squire buff seems like a 4-5% damage increase for me when I look at it overally.

But at the end glacia leather gives 40%+15% more damage than plate what I have no idea how much neglectable is… I mean…it’s most likely not but I could get some survivability in return…

Tbh the best would be to have both and see it myself which suits me more…but I barely got the materials for this one… xD and I should focus on other things after this not another glacia… like for example even a savi dysnai armor would be more important…

I get that. It’s rly not I agree. I’m more like a bit skeptic if leather is necessary. Raid bosses, Joint strike bosses and weeklies can be quite hard hitting.
I’m sure for pros leather is always better…those who can avoid all damage with jumping…can stand in these buff circles things that has disadvantge too…etc

But I dont think I’m that good first of all… I’m also not sure if every build is better in leather. Like being a glass cannon is not for everyone and also sometimes more survivability can mean more damage too. Like when you dead or you have to go away to heal yourself…you can’t make damage then.

No, it does not stack. If you are already using a set of leather, you can’t receive this buff from npc/players that can repair with art :frowning:

Well try it because they do stack as I see in my testings. :smiley: (the damage at least)

On the other hand the plate mastery…I can’t rly test it. I don’t see the difference…maybe i should rather test it in pvp idk because mob damage is just so random…and they still hit the same highs and lows…its pretty weird. I wouldn’t even be suprised if its bugged… I so much didn’t see the difference.

Edit: Ok I tested plate in pvp. It is additive too. I was looking for some more consistent damage so I asked him to attack me without bow. He made constant 80 damage then I took the plate buff and he did 60something.

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They do stack. You can have double Leather buff by wearing Leather and then getting the SquireBuff.

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plate is good if you play tank or soloing guild quest boruto kkk

Get leather lul… no1 will hurt you if you kill them before that.

+1 leather

Believe me, I had that exact dilemma before too way back with Solmiki days. Back then it is even debatable, now leather outweighs plate unless you’re a healer

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