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Is Heal SP Cost or Diev's SP Reduction bugged?

While doing Challenge Mode, I noticed I was using way more SP than I used to with 10 stcka of Overload.

Seems I’m using around 1500 SP with Priest and Diev’s buff. Before the patch, I used 1050 per cast. Is it just my impression or is it bugged? The people I talked to didn’t pay much attention to it while doing CM as healers before so I don’t know who to confirm or deny this with.


You would need to check some stuff

Zemyna statue lv, sometimes some diev just put up his statue over yours on challenge mode and messes up statues lv

if Heal: Linger was turned on/off

Your class choices (pardoner)

Thanks. I checked with other healers in-game. Some people answered me. Heal SP cost was indeed increased. I tested it myself with the same build I used before the patch. It actually was increased.

I don’t think you get what he is saying: something wrongfully increased the mana cost of Heal spell this patch
That isn’t a “have you check X?”, its a fact

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Heal: Linger affects SP consumption??