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Is Elementalist vaivora going to replace Pyromancer one (Firebolt vv)?

Here its the data about ele vv
Capatura unknown (1)

The problem is we don’t know the skill factor to be able to compare to Firebolt vv and calculate which effect will give more skill factor than the other.
Maybe someone on KTest can tell us the skill factor to compare it? Or if it doesnt say skill factor, maybe doing a test using elemental burst + fire pillar with ele vv and watching the damage, and later with firebolt vv using fire pillar + elemental burst and watch the damage difference.

i will stay with firebolt if vaivora ele price 1.2 billion silver

Problem is putting the boost on a skill that fires randomly and misses unless the targets are staying in front of the caster in a cardinal direction. I’ll stick with pyro vv…

So basically elementalist vv lv1 gives double damage to elemental burst, really similar to firebolt (double damage to fire pillar) but at lv4 is better double damage to flame ground than double damage to blizzard storm and also firebolt allows swap… So well, i think firebolt vv > elementalist vv.
Maybe it can be used firebolt vv lv4 with ele vv lv1 or 2, and swaping… instead of bokor