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Is Chaplain a dead Class?

Can hardly find any Topics related to this Class since Re:Build went live, is this Class so bad now or simply not meta enough to be relevant?

I’m trying to figure out a decent Chaplain build for solo play but I’m not sure how certain skills interact with each other. I’ve been thinking of pairing it with Zealot for the Damage, Crit, Holy boosts which seem like they’d work nicely with a Chaplain.
Now I’m not sure which other Class would benefit a Chaplain, I definitely don’t want to go Monk just because I don’t like it thematically and aesthetically. Perhaps a Paladin for the 2H AoE bonus and some survivability tools? I assume you can’t really go wrong with Plague Doctor for the survivability and utility options. Maybe even Oracle to synergize with Blind Faith, plus Death Sentence + Visible Talent sounds like a dencent combo.

So many options, are we even supposed to pick Priest if we want to go Chaplain these days?

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Chaplain nowadays is mostly used to buff other holy dps classes with Capella.

If I had to make a chaplain, I would do Priest-Chap-Inqui. Priest has nice heals and support skills, Inqui gives you some dps and breaking wheel is good for spreading your auto attacks and stacking dmg for Visible talent.

I tested Chap-Exo-Inqui when rebuild released, and while it was really fun, I rarely ever used auto attacks. Exo+Inqui has low enough cooldowns, so you have little to no downtime for auto attacks.

Oh, with a 2H mace, auto attack speed feels terrible.

I guess Inquisitor is the obvious choice though at that point Chaplain seems like a redundant Class.

As for Exorcist, I don’t see how this class would benefit an AA Chaplain, isn’t Exorcist a Magic Caster?

Cappella with maxed attribute is +160% holy damage. All exorcist dps skills are holy, so its a nice combo.

And Paraclitus time is a 100% uptime pain barrier, which is really nice.

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Yep… I gotta agree with this one :3 Capella boosts the holy damage of exorcist skills. On the other hand, Inquisitor’s judgement skill also helps a lot on dealing damage too, since it turns enemies into dark / demon property that is more susceptible to exorcist’s holy skills.

I get that, but I didn’t ask for that. I asked how does Exorcist help an AA Chaplain? I don’t see any synergy between the two.

that’s the thing actually tho, since exorcist, as far as I know deals with Magic Attacks, very opposite from an AA Chaplain, but also might help you in having decent damage. I could really see a good synergy on Chaplain-Inquisitor, rather than Chaplain-Exorcist.

No, deploy capella is simply too good to pass up for most magical build cleric builds from a damage perspective.

If you want to go AA, go monk for the physical route and sadhu for the magical route. IMC recently added these synergies. Slap zealot or Inquisitor at the end of those builds, so you have some aoe skills as well, but this is not a must as classes like druid, krivis, oracle etc. also have syngery with chaplain.

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The more I look at it the more I want to go Chaplain - Zealot - Oracle, although such build would leave me with very limited AoE and defensive capabilities. Is Beady Eyed from Zealot worth it on an AA Chaplain? Seems good although I don’t know how much +45% Crit Rate translates to. Is it a flat value or a multiplicative?

Exo doesn’t help AA chaplain. Not all 3 classes in a build need to have synergy in the same way. Taking the Chap-Exo-Inqui build for example:

-Inqui helps AA chaplain with spreading autos, stacking dmg for Visible talent, and flame attribute.
-Support chaplain skills help Exo by increasing holy dps (and giving pain barrier).
-Inqui helps Exo by turning enemies into demon type.

Point is, AAs doesnt help Exo in any way, but the rest of Chaplain does. In fact, auto attacks arent even a secondary source of damage in this build, since you already have 2 “rotations” to use (cappella+Exo holy skills, breaking wheel+godsmash and ripper)

And in regards to Zealot+chaplain, I was told Fanaticism doesnt increase the dmg of all attack lines, and that it only works with the basic line and the aspergillum line,since they have % scaling instead of flat damage. (Didnt test it though, dont know if its true)
Beady eyes are better used in a burst dps build instead of chaplain too, since its much better to get extra crit rate on hard hitting attacks like God smash than auto attacks.

Oracle is good with anything, so it goes pretty well with chaplain, and is a good choice.

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Well, if Fanaticism really doesn’t work with Chaplain then that’s a big problem right there. Goddammit, why do game mechanics in this game have to be so obscure…

Personally, I’m just waiting for that new Legend grade set that IMC showed us a while back. It’s been a while, so I might not be remembering it correctly, but I think it had a 3 set effect of STR/INT +34 and a 5 set effect skill that converted all damage dealt into holy property damage for a limited time, sort of like a certain Bullet Marker skill. Combined with Cappella, I think this could push the damage of classes like Inquisitor pretty far.

Also, I’ve tried Chaplain with Inquisitor and Exorcist. While it certainly isn’t auto attack focused, it does have some good synergies. For example, you could use Judgment on a non-demon enemy, then cast Engkrateia to take even less damage than you normally would from it. Amiss Dog, which is usually a powerhouse, can be made to deal two digit damage this way. Very useful if you try to set up Visible Talent during the fight. You can also cast Gregorate when Pears of Agony are around to channel the skill through them, allowing you to hit four more times than usual if you’re playing solo. Since Gregorate deals holy damage, it can also be boosted by Cappella. In short, I think it’s a pretty solid build.

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Which Chaplain skills do you even Max? I’d guess Paraclitus for the 100% uptime, Capella for obvious reasons, Visible Talent seems like a 1-pointer, no idea if Binatio is good or not, Max Last Rites and rest in Aspergillum?

Auto attacks aren’t viable as the main focus of your build. They only work as filler between actually good skills.

For Chaplain you max Aspergillum, Paraclitus Time, Capella, and then you either put 1 or 5 points into Visible Talent. Personally I put 5, because the other skills are worse. Binatio is pretty ■■■■, as it doesn’t really make that much of a difference anyway, and Last Rites is pretty ■■■■, so it also doesn’t make that much of a difference. Those last points are entirely up to you.

And yes, nothing will increase the damage of Last Rites, except maybe blessing. Last Rites, as I said though, is total garbage so you want to buff Aspergillum with Fanaticm anyway. If you want an auto attack build it’s pretty much zealot - chaplain - monk or zealot - chaplain - exorcist for actually having some skills that do damage, combined with capella.


I have re:builded my Inqui as Chaplain-Pala-Inqui for a while because I liked the skill set. Holy damage boost, 100% uptime immunity to knockback, damage boost with Cappella, damage burst with Visible Talent. However, I found out quickly that I didn’t use the class at its full potential in that build because I was never using AA (Wheel is mostly used with the scissors, Smite, God Smash, Conviction…). So I switched Chaplain to Oracle, which is a more versatile class.

My personal pref Monk-Chap-Priest/inq with manahas+varpas =)

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