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Is [additional damage] stats on ichor useful or trap?

When i press F1, that additional dmg stats giving flat damage.
Meanwhile the attack against beast stat has (10.9%) written beside it.

@crevox or anyone, Is this additional damage stats useful to any DPS class? flat 2k damage …

Blessing buff is additional damage buff. I do think auto attack build will benefit from it. The thing is, it won’t show as another damage line.

If the skill sfr is small, 300% ish or the gear is not at the most best upgrade, we can see the significant different. You need to record before and after to see it properly because of no additional damage line.

Isn’t “additional damage” what’s replaces the old “add ice/fire/earth/poison… damage” lines? In that case it’s flat damage added at the end of the formula. Attack vs specific monster (beast, insect…) is pure patk/matk which is directly added to your attack stat and will be multiplied by skill SFR so yeah it’s much more useful.

so additional damage stat is a trap then?

Technically, it’s workable, but not worth for any current class to take it except for classes that can utilizes Karaliene Friedetti, yet again a super high end accessories and niche conditions.

thanks, that confirm my worst expectation!

A exemple of additional damage build:

The user you show uses fixed damage items like Drakonas Frieno set and Asio pistol ichor.

In contrast to additional damage, fixed damage is not affected by the additional damage resistance stat of enemies, which increases tremendously in higher levels of CM and Bernice dungeon.

If you use a Chaplain instead, you will see your damage boosts melt like ice in a hot pan on stages 6 & 7 because of the high additional damage resistance.

So yeah, additional damage is a trap, because it is highly reduced in effectiveness on content where it could actually make a difference, it’s mostly useful for farming in fields and low level CMs.

I have a doubt

limacon works with the additional dmg ??

if so the ragnda skill would come in handy with limacon

Monsters, does not have, Add Damage Resistance. :man_facepalming:

Add Damage works for everything. Every true hits, will apply your Add Damage stats. Hence the focus of wezzon’s build is “exploiting” the multihits from everything, that includes Drako Frieno and Asio Pistol.