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Invasion of bots Part 2. baubas ch 1 and ch 2 in klaipeda server

  • Server : Klaipedia

  • Team Name : see on the screenshot

  • Location : Baubas cave ch1/ch2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 07/26/20

another invasion of bots in baubas ch1/ch2

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in ch 2 i have the same problem with new bots

I can not farm in baubas because I have been with these bots for more than two days and they have already started to be a mole, please do something.

Been having this problem in Telsiai for days, weeks, months.

GMs do check, but a stupid method of doing so.

bots on baubas invasion

Hello dear Saviors,

Please share to us a video evidence of these bot activities so we can take immediate actions on them.

Thank you.

you know you dont really need videos to do action
they are obviously bots
you can login, check the maps, check their account, characters, activities (buy/sell item)
no more evidence needed at this point
the more you prolong this the more people think you guys being indecisive about counterfeiting bots


I do not know why you need videos of this -_-, tell me who is called “asnldhjaslkdaewde” and is a player?, a little common sense, now they should be a little more aware of the people who take the time to make these reports since you as GM know very well the time it takes to capture screenshots/videos, report and still make videos and pass the link, sorry but this is not our responsibility to keep a server clean of bots, the only thing we asked is "to have action measures fast for these cases "this is not rocket science just a little common sense, hope you can solve this problem @GM_Francis , thanks.

baubas Ch1

baubas Ch2


They should implement an item that jumps at them as a random puzzle that if they fail they disconnect it, that way users can have a way to get rid of them. but it would have to be adjusted so that it is not useful in the citys

bots baubas ch 2

At about 4:30 pm server time the 4 bots in each channel vanished, I didnt physically see a GM present but im assuming they got them.

The bot’s unmarked squire stand npcs are still present at the entrance to each channel so im assuming those are on different accounts.

Regardless I dont think its a coincidence that these bots appeared late Friday afternoon going into the weekend before the much hyped Police themed blessed cube. This looks like a calculated move made knowing there would be no staff to respond for about 72 hours, and in that time with 8 bots running the entire time you would amass a literal small fortune.

Thank you very much for the cooperation Savior, we’ll be sure to take care of these violators.

Ty GM Francis but both channels are still full of the bots right now, 4 each in channel 1 and 2, the same ones from last friday, please help.

because GM_francis choose to take care of these violators instead of get rid of them, clever trick of word, dont you think?


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Mods are completely incompetent in their jobs. It really is IMC’s fault overall. Remember that they won’t even claim they have bots. They call them “24-hour hardcore.”

IMC is killing their own game.

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■■■■■■■ generic answer for such a big problem answer like a bot you


another bots today 13-08-2020 11:40 pm


another bots today 15/08/2020 12:34pm