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Invasion of bots baubas ch 1 and ch 2 in klaipeda server

  • Server : klaipeda

  • Team Name : w1a1t1ul / ysgsu

  • Location : buabas ch 2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 05/05/2020 11:00 am

  • Evidence
    As you can see in the link of the video that I am posting, you can clearly see these 2 bots that are in ch 1 and ch 2 of baubas using the same pattern being indefinitely 24/7 and skipping gimmick I post it here because appearing to send tickets does not solve anything I have more than 1 month sending tickets for each bot I see and it is already affecting my gaming experience since I farm in baubas and invest several hours of my time to get my economy and it is not fair that these bots are only planting there earning silver being afk here I am going to link the links of ch 1 and 2 @GM_Francis



BOT INVASION! here is another 2 bots CH 1 , we have been reporting for almost a month and instead of banning them they multiply, I attach photos of the reports of each bot that I made at the time and we have already created a new ticket for these cases @GM_Francis


@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri There have been a ton of bots in Baubas and all 5 Sausis maps, and other mobby maps for the last 2-3 weeks. Please help, the game has become full of new players and it’s putting a very sour taste in their mouth when they level up or try to farm and see nothing but bots.


more reports

they should implement anti bot system like a random screen location pop up simple math question, that applies only on maps like these maps, and if you fail you log out and cant login for 30 minute
its just a simple math question for 10 seconds, its not a big can even open calculator in 10 second.
and perhaps only applies to botters build like sr and purpley cause they both are the culprit lol
also ban camp in these map.or make the cd very long like 1 hour lol.


it wasn’t even necessary to report here on the forum if any gm logs into baubas or some other farm map at any time of the day most likely will find someone suspicious

Of course, if it is necessary at least to leave the record, since the response to the tickets tells you absolutely nothing, and if it were true that the GMs were monitoring this in baubas, the same bots were not there for almost 30 days, first they started with 2 bots and after 15 days another 2 more, which follows in 1 month plus 8 bots on the whole map?

in my case I suffered a ban for 15 days just for the fact “not answering a GM” and these bots are 30 days just like that

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another report with the same answer

No, this only serves to inconvenience/slow down normal players, the bots will find ways around it.

They should really consider IP bans or maybe see if Steam has some way of not allowing the creation of many accounts from certain IPs at once.

Or, IMC can just perma-ban RMTers the first time since the only reason these bots exist is because people are still buying silver.

another report and they accumulate without doing anything @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri

Could you tell me who this person is and why can’t I attach any images? Apparently they don’t want me to say something? or do not want me to publish more? @GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri

Hello Saviors,

We have already applied proper sanction to these players. Thank you.

that is very rare @GM_Francis since I am currently in cave baubas CH 1 / CH 2 and I still see the bots, I do not see any sanction these bots keep doing what they want and I recommend that you check for yourself by going to cave bauvas ch1 / ch2 and YES they are already reported, thanks.



Hello @AlphaDraco,

Thank you for reporting. We’'ll continue to investigate and monitor the reported players.

Baubas is still filled with Necro Macro bots and SR Macro bots. Especially RichQueen which seems to be untouchable by the GMs

it’s sad there are some " protected" here in silute too which discourages you from wasting your time denouncing if you need to see the same bot in the same place all day