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Introducing replica weapon

Can we make a function that replicate a weapon, so that the replica weapon:

  1. You can not do anything to the replicated weapon, ex: upgrade, enchant, Transcendent, sell, trade etc…
  2. you can apply weapon skin on it
  3. have a prefix [replica]
  4. The replica weapon should be exactly the same as the original weapon

This is so people can have multiple appearance of a weapon.
The reason for this feature request is, there are situations that you already have an expensive weapon skin on a weapon and you wanna apply a one that you love as well. This can potentially increase weapon skin sale.

I wish weapons would “record” all skins applies into it, and have a small tab in your inventory to select which one you want to use at any time. Kinda like the hair colors, but listing all skins you have applied

I know for sure I would collect skins for my weapons…


nice idea.send your ticket bud.

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Yeah this is a good idea, but somehow i do feel it conflicts with how the Devs intend and designed the skin system. Myself, i wish i can re use skins too, because they all look good!

The Current system somehow encourages players to gacha for a limited/time-exclusive weapon skin, which thus creates a “value” in the economy. They can even re-implement older skins in exclusive cubes for a 2nd wave of sales. Not forgetting the “eraser” item they put for sale too

It all translates to $$$$$$, and how much IMC is willing to let go for a more skin-friendly ecosystem.


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So cute, you’re telling imc to sell one-life weapon skin to people?

I believe there are players like me who doesn’t hesitate to pay some gacha cost but yet to find a good weapon skin except for solmikis. If they had function like this, I wouldn’t mind trying out some not-so-good looking toy like weapon skins.

this idea will be like hairstyle vs wig which imc already done with.the fact that they no longer release wig but hairstyle instead so people keep paying to change hair can hint that this idea less likely come to fruition.meanwhile most whale prefer collecting wig even when the design is bad but they have freedom to customize their waifu.

but if they have a change of heart this will increase the price of weapon skin which means whale will starts throwing imc more money cause its a good way to stacking silvers and for some f2p to collecting. they could also just make a collections of seasonal weapon skin with interesting stat boost to bait the whales even further and f2p to crave for it.

if you look at the market there arent many weapon skin even the latest one.this could be a solution when people considered the design is bad or just waiting for better one which means less people might be risky but it will do if they ever make it right.

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