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Inquisitors Damage Type

More Dex = More Crit. // More Str = More Base Damage
Base Damage is not a problem on Chaplain, max attribute Blessing is a bomb…

Afaik, according to the damage formula, blessing is a damage value which is added last and does not scale with any % modifiers; ie it’s a flat damage added at the end of the damage formula.

yep it is a flat damage.

it a bomb coz, max attribute level 15 blessing will give you extra 200+ damage.
add it to your base damage. and when it crits, you’ll see.

here’s the new damage formula for blessing.

level 15 blessing : Additional Damage: +(70.1 + (SPR x0.06 + INT x 0.02) x 14)


Yea, but it doesnt get multiplied by crits, does it?

it does bro.

critical damage is calculated based on your overall physical damage.

You’re gonna have to contest that on the link above, which for me works perfectly. So unless you have the math and tests to prove otherwise, I would say str would be better than dex if youre focusing on just one.

With str, you get rank bonuses and gets added directly into the damage formula. As for dex, due to how the crit formula works, you’re going to have to keep on adding dex just to maintain your crit rate.

I see quite a few people saying to go dex for crits, I still don’t get why. :confused:

Why on earth are you guys going for anything other than int or spr for chaplain?

i think bcoz we both want inquisitor :smiley: hihi

Going STR/Dex on a chaplain so you can make your inquisitor strong is exactly like going all int on a monk 2 because you want to make your PD R7/8 to be stronger or going all dex on a A-R2-Wugu3-Musket.

so Str/dex for chaplain / inqui?. :smiley: teach me please.
i need suggestions from pro’s. I’m kinda new.
i’ve been playing 3wks exact tomorrow ;D

If you want to improve phys abilities of inquis while keeping your chaplain offense/support remotely useful, go for SPR and make use of zalcai to crit and deprot to remove defense. This will also let your blessing do pretty good work.

If you want to improve magic abilities of inquis, you are better off going int and it will also still keep your chaplain skills useful for doing damage.

With STR/Dex, you will essentially make your chaplain pick irrelevant.

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I’m planning to grow my stats like this.

is this viable?.

I’m more on physical.

I want that god smash and breaking wheel

Id say you should prolly remake and ditch chaplain and get something which would give you something to use that would actually scale with str O_O Something like monk 3 so your str will be used for more than just the 1 circle of inquisitor.

I’m already cleric 1 -> Priest 3 @.@

You said you already have been pumping int with some spr and con. O_O

yeah, i’ll start again from scratch.
i want to say that i really want chaplain. :3 XD

Are you going to start from scratch to make a str/dex chaplain?

yah, i really love playing chaplain tho.
can support and can solo. with free buffs. no need to return to town just to buy buffs.

x_x Why are you so adamant about going str/dex as a chaplain? Just get spr or int for gods sake.

i want chaplain inqui. :’(