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I want to test out a Zealot Inquisitor build with rebuild and Maybe switch my 2-h spear to a 2h mace.

I quite like pvp (tbl/gem feud) so i would like to have the build viable there.
Since block only reduce the dmg for 50% it shouldnt be that bad right?

Can i Auto switch between 1h mace +shield to 2-h mace as Cleric?

And which cls to finish the build?

Paladin: Boost to Godsmash/smite/Fanatic Illusion(?) with conviction.
Demolition looks strong too.

PD: Methadone/Healing factor/Beakmask looks good for pvp i guess.

Oracle: All i know is the 50% Dps boost.

Did i miss another cls?

Na those are the 3 to consider most.

I’d say if you’re PvP don’t go for Oracle but it’s not that bad if you do.

Paladin will offer more hp, and near 10% reduction in damage via Stone Skin (Which if you’re PvP should be maxed) Restoration is simular to Heal Factor, less effective I think but better up time.

So what it comes down to is do you want to boost your damage and durability

or do you want to protect yourself from CC and gain massive MS.

Isn’t that counter-intuitive? Oracle is one of the best options for PVP.
Not only do you get Prophecy to resist most status ailments (since most are Rank 1), Death Sentence helps tremendously by reducing the enemies movement speed to 40% for up to 25 seconds, which is great in case you need to run away or want to chase an enemy.

Counter Spell removes all AoE magic on cast (nice against e.g Heavy Gravity) and reduces incoming magic damage by up to over 60% (good against Wizards and magic Clerics, especially when wearing Plate armor).

Foretell allows for short breathers by providing up to 11 seconds of invulnerability in case you’re out of skills or want to survive some opening combo like e.g. Lancers Bash>Crush>Quintainn combo.

Twist of Fate simply deletes one opponent regardless of his defense thanks to the damage boosts.
Thanks to the HP recovery reduction attribute, you can reduce the HP recovered by the skill to only 80% of the damage dealt, so even if the enemy survives the skill and manages to get away for 30 seconds, he will suffer at least a net loss of over 8% of his maximum HP.

Last but not least you get a free SP refill with Arcane Energy since you can use Arcane Energy, then use Blind Faith and your buffs, and after Arcane Energy buff ends, your SP will be restored to the point they were at when Arcane Energy was cast.

Of course, other options like Kabbalist are also possible (really strong with Inquisitor and Zealot),
but I think Oracle is by far the best choice for active PVP environment.

It’s specifically because of the benefits to his classes

I’m not saying it’s bad in PvP, it’s not. I myself plan to go:
Paladin - PD - Inquisitor
Monk - Oracle - Zealot

However Beak Mask > Prophecy, MS > Slow and Paladins defensive ability far exceeds that of Oracle. Oracle is kind of the middle ground here but it does everything worse for PvP. The big reason to take Oracle is Blind Faith and that’s good but that is an enhancement to a strength of Zealot. What is more important is to mitigate the weaknesses of Inquisitor. If he didn’t have Inquisitor, MS from other sources would be enough and Conviction wouldn’t be that valuable. Because he does have Inquisitor though he creates weaknesses that he then has to cover up.

I don’t think it’s a bad decision for him to take Oracle, it does a lot for Zealot, but if he does, Inquisitor will be a bad PvP class, basically coming down to Malleus and Scissors. His best option really is to split the two up but I’m guessing he doesn’t want to do that so I’d suggest one of the two that cover up weaknesses over the one that builds upon strengths.

I like to play Physical cls so why is Zealot/Inquisitor bad together?

A Basic (PvP) atack combo would be like beardy eyes >smite > Ironmaiden >Godsmash
Or is the Ironmaiden + Godsmash Combo dead?
Fanatism for the atk boost beardy eyes for mobilitiy/Critrate and Blind faith for more Crit atk.

I´m new to cleric btw^^

Only if DS had its debuff rank increased, if it remains r1 then it will be far to easy to prevent and remove in PvP to have any real effect.

Last I heard Twist of Faith ignores all dmg boosts, it likely is simply bonus or additional property dmg specifically for that effect.

200% - 60% = 140% and 200% / 1.6 = 125%. So regardless of whether ToF’s attribute reduces a flat 60% or reduces it by 60% it will still outheal its own dmg.

The sp recovery works wonders for zealot, though blind faith got severely nerfed itself anyway, but OP is not asking about a zealot build either.


Arguably Plague Doctor can offer a lot for PvP, with its insane single target survivability from Healing Factor, Being immune to r3 debuffs and below from Beak Mask, and has haste to boot to improve your own movespeed.

But oracle does offer plenty as well. Skill point spread is a bit limited if you want to max arcane energy and counterspell both though.

They’re not, it’s just that they don’t have much synergy and Inquisitor requires a lot of stuff to patch up weaknesses, which Zealot doesn’t do.

As far as your PvP combo. I heard Smite doesn’t knock down anymore. If that’s true, which it probably is, that combo won’t work, even if it did though follow up on a knock down with an stun or stun like ability isn’t a good idea.

For your class atm what you take determines what kind of combo you would want to use. It also changes depending on the person you fight.

With PD you would be looking to land an Iron Maiden long range or slow with Malleus/Traps which would allow you to get up close and apply PD DoTs and Zealot DoTs which would in turn continuously proc Marionette/Froster Lord causing you to stick to the enemy while you damage them.

With Paladin you’d be looking for more of a big damage combo, because of this you would probably only want to use Iron Maiden when you have gotten a slow applied and gotten close to the enemy off it. Then you would Blind Faith, Fanatic Illusion and Conviction once and then unload as much damage onto them as possible.

With Oracle you don’t have as much offensive power and would likely be looking to play around Scissors and Traps. Strong against magic classes but they kind of suck in Rebuild. You’d pretty much be reliant on Zealot to carry you, with the addition of Malleus and Scissors. You’d have a hard time getting God Smash’s off which would severely lower the value of Inquisitor. It could and probably would work since players are bad, but it’d be very easy for a decent player to not die to you.

How about krivis? Are zalciai crit boost and melstis extend fanaticism/illusion worth taking over paladin?
Also how can I sustain sp as zealot? Blind faith crit dmg debuff is too good not to use but it drain sp quite fast.

I’m using Krivis Inqui Zealot and is working quite good at the moment, but I have some test to do. THe Zalciai Crit res debuff is really good against bosses, now i can get many more crits than before but the damage against mobs is lower cause i don’t have DS, but I have good weapon so is not a big deal. And Melstis gives so much damage, even though its CD is way higher, I still thiink is worth.

Thanks. I ended up with krivis and quite like it. Zaibas fill in CD gap very well. Divine stigma for wheel+ripper burst.
Only downside is that I find it hard to stay alive for 30s fanaticism+melstis without heal.

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Thats the hard part, but with good equipment you can do well. And dont forget that if you’re in trouble you can just right click on your buff and turn it off so you can heal.

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