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[Inquisitor] Vs. Devil Focus?

I’ve wanted my Cleric’s equipment to be decent in most content, so I’ve gotten STR/CON/DEX/crit across all of it. So far, I’d say it’s doing fine. However, after playing this latest iteration of Inquisitor, I’m considering swapping out all the DEX for atk vs. Devil type. Would this be a worthwhile trade?

im not here to really reply about inquisitor
but if you ask my opinion go for it dude, ichoring is damn easy… and replacing it as well

i might as well getting flag by these childish community as this extra below is definitely off topic answer, hence i told you in advance already
but i can see the game theorycrafting is dead, its dying, its getting dryer with how things goes, the path imc chose
here in forum you can see questions, thread about builds can get no reply at all, or even takes more than a week to get reply, like recently another guy asking for sage build
and i know this isnt because there is no good inquisitor in game, they are not active in forum, or players that not necessarily have to be the greatest inquisitor cant give their opinion but its getting boring as its dying, theres not so much to talk about and its not as sophisticated as its used to be.
thats when rebuild is the whole point of tos yet they make the rebuild part no fun because metas and how unbalance classes are.
meanwhile thread about game dying situation, players extinction, complaints, memes are still mildly crowded
this just sad imc.

There are more discussions about everything in the discord and you should check it out and ask around there.


I can’t even go one thread without the bad vibes people plowing into the conversation. I’m just looking for some answers here.

Where is this?

tos discord, there should be link in reddit, which also exist but dead like forum

Attack vs devil is massively stronger than DEX on an inquisitor. DEX as a stat is honestly terrible and since you can consistently convert to devil, its a much bigger boon to your DPS.
Keep in mind that attack vs race is capped at +100% damage bonus, so dont overcap yourself.

I see. I guess I’ll look into fixing up my gear when I’m out of other things to do. At the moment, it’s at 59.7%, but I expect this to decrease a bit once I swap out one of my Coordination Vaivoras in the future.