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Inquisitor: Questions

Does anyone happen to know how Inquisitor Art “Torture Expert: Fire” works?
If possible is there a video?

Second question, if the “Torture Expert: Fire” Art works with the “Inquisitor: Torture Expert” attribute, does that mean this interaction no longer works if you use the attribute " Inquisitor : Absorb Magic"?

Thank you for your time and expertise.

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It just adds +3 flame limit to the Inquisitor:Burn attribute.

There is no interaction between the art and the attribute, the just share a similar name.
You can summon all 6 flames just fine with the Absorb Magic attribute active.

So then, why is this in the tooltip?
[Inquisitor: Torture Expert] now generates an [Inquisitor: Burn] flame nearby.

This isn’t true.

Scenario: You have no flames up and attack 6 mobs with ripper and they all die.

Torture expert+arts: 6 flames spawn.

Magic Absorb+arts: you have 6x20% chances for a flame to spawn.

Either way, as you said, it raises the cap to 6.

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so does that mean with torture expert on, every kill drops a flame?

If you kill them with a skill mentioned in the tooltip for torture expert, and I don’t remember if it’ll overwrite flames if you are at cap. I don’t think it does.

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It means that every kill with Inquisitor:Burn attribute on has a 20% chance to generate a flame, be it a basic attack, an Inquisitor skill or any other skill you have in your build.
The art just increases the maximum number of flames from 3 to 6.

so this means absorb magic is catered towards burst like solo play with attacks that sting vs cm mode inqui with lower cooldowns and more flames with torture expert correct?

Yup. Absorb Magic is for bossing, while Torture Expert is for mobbing. So during CM, you can switch attributes between the two if you’re killing mobs or you’re fighting the boss.

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