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Inquisitor Builds?

Anyone has a goood Inquisitor build? Im trying Pala/Zealot/Inq, but I need to know if this build is good to make it my main character. Anyone has tried it? What is the positives and negatives points? What skills are better?

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I played pala-inq-zealot before rebalance. While after patch it is still good, I changed pala to kabbalist for survivability. Kabba is only class which heal isn’t affected by healing power so nicely compatible with physical cleric. Also gevura is nice for resetting long cd skills (immolation, wheel, ripper)

Another one of my build is monk-inq-chap. The build has strong synergy but doesn’t perform well against single target/bossing (malleus doesn’t work on boss) and has low survivability. But superb CM farming ability.


  • All skills are strike type, boosted by god finger flick debuff
  • AA booster : double punch, chap buffs, wheel
  • cappella boost energy blast dmg

Here’s a clever build:

Unfortunately the “physical boosting” classes such as Monk, Paladin and Zealot are less useful now. Having Diev to reduce CD on Wheel/Ripper and Druid to boost damage/CR/healing is really nice.

It’s actually the opposite. This guy has such a high base attack value and the Vaivora weapon for Inquisitor, yet his performance is just terrible in the CM. That’s because he lacks attacking skills ( I wonder why he doesn’t use owl statues… he’s got so much downtime,at least vs bosses), so he has to rely on CD reset instead of utilizing the attack boost attribute (Magic Absorption).

Especially if you’re Diev, there is no reason not to use it, as the CD of Breaking Wheel is so low (below 36 seconds), and the damage with the 75% boost is just so much better.

Finger Flick doesn’t work that way anymore, it is now a 15 second 20% damage buff that boosts all physical damage of your character.
Chaplain with Capella is decent to boost Energy Blast, but I recognized that it is not as potent if you already have Inquisitor, Monk and Legend set attack boosts, as it is only for one skill, and basic attack boosts are not what you’d want, it’s honestly better to just get either Diev, an attack booster or any support as off-support for party play.

Speaking of off-support, Paladin is an awful choice for a build focused on dealing damage, because you will probably not be able to max all the useful skills and Restoration, because Paladin, like most other mostly untouched classes (looking at Inquisitor) are starved for skill points, compared to new classes (looking at Crusader) or reworked classes (looking at Zealot) who have a much easier time to grab all the skills they need and max them without becoming trash tier in the process.

Paladin is in such a bad spot because you don’t have enough points for Stone Skin (great solo skill), Demolition (great damage skill and buff for parties), Conviction (great damage boost for Krivis & Zealot & any 4 elemental mage) and Restoration (great recovery over time; can be substituted in fields with a scroll, but not in raids), let alone Sanctuary (great party support if you have high def) or Resist Elements (again, great damage boost for Zealot,Krivis and 4 elemental mages), and tanking damage with Barrier for the party is still a big nono, unless you also have Diev & Kabbalist to do some tricks with Merkabah to prevent getting shredded.

Then what you’re basically saying is that Paladin is a great class. I don’t really follow the logic of “you can’t max out all your great skills so you become trash”, the class has many good skills suitable for all roles. It’s true that very few people use Paladins, but that just gives us a more niche position :wink: