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Inqui-Zealot -> Druid/Oracle

Hi! I’m a new player and thanks in advance.

As the title suggests, I’m looking for help with skill build or gameplay tips with Inquisitor+Zealot->Druid/Oracle. I’m looking for dps focus build mainly for pve. Hopefully they have good synergy.

Also, I’m currently leveling an inquisitor and have been mainly using just God Smash and Smite. Haven’t felt the need to use the torture skills (the fact I need to buy torture tools doesn’t help) and Malleus. Any advice on what skills to level and their use case?

God smash, Ripper and Breaking Wheel are your main damage skills, if you drop a WHeel on a boss and then use ripper and god smash, they will hit twice.

Oracle it’s viable but i prefer Druid for lycanthopy buffs, inqui it’s one of the most broken classes on ToS right now, kinda hard for newcomers but you get use to.

I got to say, you will need a lot of SP potions, this class eats SP a lot.

I switched out Pala to Druid and I’m absolutely loving it.

It is however very SP hungry though and sometimes I find myself messing up my skill rotations.

I find myself using Druid and Zealot skills on regular mob waves, and in emergency situations where I’m kinda overwhelmed I’d use Breaking Wheel.

Thanks a lot for the tips! Still trying to understand skill rotation, usage, combos. Need to play more :smiley: