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Ingredients, Gear development and Farming

Say FAQ to goddess grace and PogU to Unknown Sanctuary.

All I want to say is, we need some ingredients that super gated behind Goddess Grace and 1 singu a day like Divine Debri, Red PIeces and Bryknite.

If people want to build up their vaivoras and armor ichors they should be allowed to farm for those “minor” mats in the fragment form.

Please add Bryknite frags, Divine pieces of divine power and red piece fragments to Unkwnown Sactuary 1F.

In order to make Goddess Grace more interesting for players you should add bigger rewards in the multiple tiers, make the Sandras a Bundle, add Bryknite Boxes once again, maybe add Enhance aids. Something more useful. Also Fedimian lottery and Res Sacrae big box feel really bad, and the sandra box gives way to few sandras.



Just wait for ep 13 2 reward, and maybe future episodes reward. They may give us all that is needed to craft of lv 4 vv and lvl 3 armors and proceed with more homeworks. So the high effort you lose now, is an effortless stuff in future, maybe extreme low effort like arks, vv, kara accs and gosh there’s too much. This is proven.