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[info] Raid Drake Attacks

This post uses webm file to display the attacks, please make sure you are able to view webm video format
Updated on 13 September 2018.
To complement: raid guide

Stage 1 attacks

Three slashes
Physical attack.
Most often used attack.
No cooldown.
Big range.
Last hit inflicts knockdown.
Inflicts disarm (silence).

Use knockdown protection (gazing golem card, pain barrier, link-shared rune of protection), and tank damage.
High Block or high evasion status.
Jump to the side. Hitbox is a cone in front of drake.
Dispeller should always be active inside raid map.

Swipe Claw
Physical attack.
No cooldown.
Inflicts knockdown.

Hitbox is frontal and small. Stay away from its face.

Destroy Tiles
Magic attack.
25 seconds cooldown (excluding drake’s charge-up time).
Attempts to use this skill whenever it detects tile-based skills.
Skill pulls players towards the drake.
Big range.
Inflicts 20s of Curse (hexing) debuff on players.

Charge-up of the attack is very obvious (displayed on top of drake).
Have cleric use useless tile skills to bait this attack (cure, deprotected zone), then drop all useful tile based skills.
Use pull-protection (gazing golem card, pain barrier, link-shared rune of protection).
Jump to dodge this attack.
Skill destroys all tile based skills and ice walls. It cannot destroy quarrel shooter’s pavise, reworked druid grass, and cannot destroy elementalist hail.

Stage change

Attack is activated at 60% HP and 30% HP.
Stun cannot be mitigated or removed.
Uses homing orb attack after stun.
Bombards players from the sky (magic attack).

Move to the three stone pillar area to avoid the homing orb damage. Stun still applies to you.
Oracle counterspell, life line attribute, forecast attribute sometimes prevent the stun. (intended?)
After the stun, move around to avoid bombardment. Murder baby drakes quickly to move to next boss stage.

Stage 2 attack

(uses all stage 1 attacks, and adds 1 more attack)

Drake Rush
Physical attack.
Inflicts knockdown.
Moves a long distance.

Attack charge-up is very obvious (drake crouches). Move away from its path to avoid the attack.
Lure to wall and make it dash into the wall. Or drop pavise (QS skill), or ice wall (low level ice wall please) under drake to prevent dash.
Use knockback protection and tank the attack.

Stage 3 attacks

(uses all stage 1 & 2 attacks, and adds a few more attacks)

Magic excrement
Mixed Magic & Physical attack.
Keeps dealing damage to players inside the puddle.

Turn effect settings ON to see the puddle.
Move out of the puddle.

Ground Upheaval
Large range.
Deals magical damage and steals all tile based circles.
Players hit by this skill lose HP and SP every second for 10 seconds.

Attack charge-up is very obvious (drake extends wings, shouts, charges its fist, and the charge-up timer is displayed on the drake).
Jump to avoid damage.
Stay away from allied tile skills when they are reversed.
Put heal tiles far away. (no longer necessary after heal rework)
Reverses Kabbalist3 Tree of Sephiroth (after heal rework).

Tile destroyer flame blast
Magic attack.
Destroys tile-based skills.
Big frontal range.
The blast pushes the drake backwards.
Inflicts slow.

Move to the side to avoid this attack.
Does not destroy elementalist hail, and cannot destroy quarrel shooter’s pavise.
Oracle counterspell blocks this skill. Counterspell does not get destroyed.

Best counter to drake : pavise lockdown

Bring experienced qs3 falconer3. Works on other bosses too. Necromancer’s Dirty Pole functions similarly.


Isn’t this making the game more boring by spoon-feeding everything to the players?
They could at least learn the attack patterns themselves, it’s so boring if even the action aspect of the new content is spoiled :frowning:

Not going to watch it, it decreases the fun by 9999%.


Its true that it spoils the mechanic…

BUT i think its better to know beforehand and actually pull it off more rewarding than being killed a few hundred of times to get the gist of it…


KTOS Healing patch updates
After KTOS heal patch the reversi punch on heal is useless. New healing value is very low on drake (old healing was 5% per tile, so drake healed a lot).

Grass is immune to destruction.

Not immune to destruction.

Hail is immune to destruction and immune to reversi.

Statues immune to destruction and immune to reversi.

Quarrel Shooter
Pavise is immune to destruction and immune to reversi. Drake is pretty helpless if you use pavise correctly

Counter spell immune to Flame blast. Not immune to destruction and not immune to reversi.

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How does work exactly the sp drain from the boss?

TYVM, you are awesome…

How does the “Drake is pretty helpless if you use pavise correctly”???

Put drake on pavise to keep drake immobile (need skilled qs player). Very helpful for w3 ele3 warlock3 party friends. Have added video to first post too.

@lunettesrouges if you get hit by the AoE-ground animation of the reversi punch skill (think itos drake names it Ground Shatter) you lose 5% SP and 5% HP per second for 10 seconds. You can easily avoid it by jumping or just move far away.

The magic circle break skill is dodged by jumping too.

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I’am never close enough to the boss to actually see the casting bar, no wonder I could not “notice” xD
I should take the habit to be positioned myself above the boss I think.

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Edit: this mechanic was fixed, info removed

I don’t understand this prevent flight part, something to do with fade?

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Edit: this mechanic was fixed
Edit2: video of sky kirisame as an alternative to show how to dodge drake attacks (for those who prefer youtube over .webm file)