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[Info] Guide and Tips for Velcoffer! [EN/PTBR]


Hey guys, here my tips and guide for Velcoffer Raid!

Entry 2x every week. But beware, this raid shared entry count with Earth Tower (Solmiki and Lolo).
Preparation: Bring dispellers, if the party didn’t have a Oracle, buy Forecast on market!
For me, best sup is Cleric3/Priest3/Kabba3/Miko or Oracle1 if u prefer. The other party members can be: 1 Buffer (Thauma/Linker/RC), 3 high DPS or 2 high DPS and 1 tank with great agro. Templar help with buff shared + Ein Soft but pay attention, only Kabba take the ein soft in the buff share. If not, fail.
Use squire food, pardoner buffs, enchanter buffs, bring HP/SP elix-potion and repair kit.
First Stage: Ignore small dragons, destroy middle crystal (500 hits) and destroy the 5 statues. Statues are affected by Shrink Body.
Second Stage: Defeat big elites and a special red crystal spawns when they are defeated. Collect the crystal with spacebar. Who has collected the crystal must move to the altar (left on map), interact and go to the stone gate (right on map). Repeat 5 times until the stone gate is destroyed!
Tips: Fade helps a lot, use for interact in the altar and stone gate, this elite mobs can not be freeze or knocks.
Third Stage: Here, just defeat Gargolye Boss. Its a flying boss, he moves a lot, smash magic circles and pull. Beware!
Fourth Stage: Here, is easy. Ignore plants and dragon mobs. Lure the birds to the statue and kill.
Tips: CC skills work in the birds. When die, the explosion deals damage on the statue and the players. Statue is immune to damage and debuffs. Taunt, knockback skills helps a lot.
Statue dies to reveal a teleport magic circle. Teleport and rebuff, repair. Now we gonna kill Velcoffer finally.
Fifth and last stage: Periodically after each 33% HP lost Velcoffer jumps and inflicts a wide area stun followed by homing dragon meteors to quickly kill players, and then flies to become immune to damage.
Move into the safe zone to avoid the initial stun. Safe zone lights up when Velcoffer charges the attack.
Velcoffer ascends and 4 lesser dragons are summoned. You must defeat all small dragons to get Velcoffer to descend. Flying Velcoffer keeps shooting meteors at players.
Small dragon HP: 18 mil each.
Avoid the Velcoffer meteors by moving around a lot.
Every 33% HP lost Velcoffer enters a new stage. Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 final stage. New stages increase damage and stats.
Tips: On 3 stage, healer can not put: Heal and Tree of Sepiroth near the Velcoffer, if placed, he will heal. Ex: If velcoffer it’s on the left, put heal on the right. Save “Mass Heal” for last or use on the tank/best agro on party.

Drops and more, on the website! Thanks for reading.

Eai pessoal, aqui estão minhas dicas e um guia para a Raid Velcoffer!

Entrada 2x por semana. Mas cuidado, essa raid divide entrada com a Earth Tower (Solmiki e Lolo).
Praparação: Traga dispellers. Se sua party não tiver um Oracle, aconselho comprar Forecast no mercado!
Pra mim, o melhor suporte pra essa raid é o Cleric3/Priest3/Kabba3/Miko ou Oracle1 se preferir. Os outros membros podem ser: 1 Buffer (Thauma/Linker/RC), 3 DPS de dano alto ou 2 DPS de dano alto e um Tank com um bom agro. Templar ajuda muito com buff share + ein soft (quando a pt é toda da mesma guild), mas cuidado, apenas o Kabba pode pegar o ein soft dentro do buff share, se não ele falha.
Usem as comidas de Squire, os buffs de Pardoner e Enchanter, leve pots de HP/SP e se tiver, repair kit.
Primeira Etapa: Ignore os dragões pequenos, destrua o cristal do meio (500 hits) e detrua as 5 estátuas. As estátuas são afetadas pelo Shrink Body!
Segunda Etapa: Mate os elites grandes e um cristal vermelho especial vai aparecer. Colete este cristal com a barra de espaço. Quem coletar o cristal terá que se mover até o altar (esquerda do mapa), interagir e ir até o portão de pedra (direita do mapa). Repita isto 5 vezes até o portão ser destruído.
Dica: Fade ajuda bastante, use para interagir com o altar e o portão ser ser interrompido, os monstros elite não podem ser congelados ou sofrer knocks.
Terceira Etapa: Aqui, apenas mate o Boss Gargolye. Ele é um boss voador, se movimenta muito, quebra circulo mágico e puxa. Tome cuidado!
Quarta Etapa: Aqui é fácil. Ignore os monstros planta e dragões. Atraia os pássaros até a estátua e mate-os.
Dica: Skills que tenham CC funcionam nos pássaros. Quando mortos, a explosão da dano na estátua e nos jogadores perto. Estátua é imune a dano e debuffs. Taunt, knockback, snare ajudam bastante.
Quinta e última etapa: Periodicamente a cada 33% de HP que o Velcoffer perder, ele pula infligindo dano e stun em área ampla seguido por meteoros.
Mova-se para a zona de segurança para evitar o atordoamento inicial. A zona de segurança acende quando o Velcoffer carrega o ataque.
Velcoffer sobe e 4 dragões menores são invocados. Você deve derrotar todos os pequenos dragões para que Velcoffer desça. Ele continua atirando meteoros nos jogadores.
Dragão pequeno: 18 mil de HP, cada.
Evite os meteoros do Velcoffer se movimentando bastante.
A cada 33% de HP perdido, o Velcoffer entra em um novo estágio. Estágio 1, estágio 2, estágio 3 (último). A cada novo estágio ele aumenta o dano e as skills.
Dica: No 3° estágio o healer não pode usar: Heal e Tree of Sepiroth perto do Velcoffer, se for usado, ele irá se curar. Ex: Se ele estiver na esquerda, use Heal na direita. Guarde “Mass Heal” por último e/ou use no tank da party.

Drops e mais, já tem no site! Obrigado por ler.


I think you skipped or forgot too much information.

I’d recommend “new players” to craft ausura plate chest and pants from the nobreer raid 330, transcend it to stage 5 and using anvils.
You need more than 8000 armor and 8000 magic defense on top of 80 000hp to not die in one hit, since rank 10 both boss are on steroids.
If you have a miko or know someone’s owning one, 130+ miko dispellers that need to be put in shortcuts and manually activate it for the last boss fight or it will not work for every run.
You can buy hp potions from merchant, market, AND small elixir of hp from market with price range 10 000/50 000 each one. The sp version is also very important, you’ll randomly have your sp DRAINED.
If there is a falconer in the group he must wait the others to bait magic circle destroyed and AFTER this use aiming or else it will get destroyed every time.
If you do uphill defense, you MUST use there the keitas potions that are on a separate timer.
You’ll get a lot of op potions from bernice dungeon each week, (the oracle master in klaipeda) that shares the same cd as keista potion but is a improved version like level 5.
If someone has an oracle 3, the whole group should gather at the squire tent to receive 90 minutes worth of arcane energy level 15 16 17 => +50% sp for the entire group.
The majority of players don’t bother to do this and the fun finishes with a “FAILED” because they prefer to die and fail the run instead of doing this minimal effort.

When players die for random reasons, they need to go in town to buy pardoner buffs again and squire camp food, or else they would lack too much damage and die instantly.
When the gargoyle uses his vacuum skill, you can try to jump and get away to avoid damage ( ping reliant / rng / state of the server), it’s also true for the reversi punch of Velcoffer if you didn’t manage to run far enough.

And one thing I also don’t understand, why didn’t you provide videos of yourself doing the run with several builds?


Yeah, thanks for the feedback!


My computer is a shi*… I can’t do my videos D: I want so much make lives and videos, but not for now…


Great quick guide! It really helps to review before the runs!


This guide seems rushed and looks like parts of other guides, but this one is incomplete.
If that is the case, please credit the creators of the original guides, if not I am sorry for the misunderstanding.
I am intrigued by people doing rushed/incomplete guides only to try to win the rewards from the “Equipment Guide Rewards Event” and not really putting time/effort to do a great and useful guide for the community.


velcoffer damage is physic only or have a magic too?


mostly physcal on meele range, and a lot elemental damage(probaly fire/dark) on some attacks


ya, I need to decide zaura or nualle card