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Incress Material limit for repair shop or make restocking easier?


Hello there this is a suggestion to increase the material limit in the repair shop, the limit right now is more or less 32700 and i need to restock 2 times a day sometimes they use up all my material even faster since velco items consume a lot of them… the thing is, i keep restocking but is … how do i say it mmm a pain!, since squire master is in fedi all the other citys need to warp to fedi then run all the way to the master and come back to the statue and go to the spot in the town you are selling … and imagine if you have 32700 material on you … yeah slow sooo sloow! (yes i know one can use quest warp to tp to another town but come one that tp is not something that was created to use it like that ._.)

SO here is the suggestions 2 ways one simple the other not so much but a lot better for game community

  1. Increase the limit of material so we need to restock less time a day. (i know the limit is there so you don’t leave the shop there for weeks and keep winning money i know that but i keep restocking and i m an active player and i tell you current limit is dam small! velco item use up a lot T-T i don’t need a big ass increase but even something small works for me plz).

  2. Make an icon or special shop that shop classes can open in any place of the town! this one is the best way to reward active shop players so they don’t need to go another town just to restock and of course not slow walking or losing time ! and since limit is still the same even if restocking is not a pain anymore they need to be active to sell more!

And that is it! is a simple suggestion sorry for grammar mistakes since english is not my main language cya!