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Increase the daily CM limit for each character

It’s a known fact that many people nowadays use multiple accounts to funnel their main account, and it creates a large gap in silver gain between them and people that choose to play the game the normal way.

Which brings me to my point, I think at least daily CM limit should be increased from 1 to 3. This will give more value to alt characters, and although making another account will always be more profitable, it’ll help to narrow the gap somewhat.

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Hello @sadcat,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback and suggestions. Rest assured that it will receive proper attention, as we develop future contents and updates.

Imagine doing 120 CMs every day with 40 characters. I fear the person who does that every day.

I mean it’s a very extreme case, isn’t it.

The point is, that if someone wants to farm more, they would just make another account as opposed to leveling an alt. So I think a game with such amount of different class combinations like ToS should actually encourage people to develop their team, but it doesn’t. It’s more profitable and efficient to just make another account, as many people do.

@GM_Francis I really hope you will look into that, although I know how it usually goes. Tons of people are using alt accounts and it’s fine, but people who don’t want to bother with it should have a better option than is available currently.

reminds me of doing Saalus with 10 chars every day, there were people doing it with 20+ characters…

While I like that you can focus on a single character, the perspective that you can just break through the limits with alts makes me wonder what this game is about. I don’t think building hordes of alts with the same build just to use the same equipment on every single character is the right solution, but the things you can do with a single character are very limited.
For example, you can farm in the fields and hope for a CM reset voucher to drop, but the odds are too low, you farm about 30-60 minutes for a voucher, then the CM is over in like 3 minutes via automatching.

If the preparation looks like this, it feels more like working as an event manager than playing a game, there is little fun beating weak mobs that only drop useless stuff aside of the reset vouchers.

Team-wide daily entries would be far more interesting, meaning you could clear all entries with the same character if they are in the same level group for auto-matching.
Maybe IMC can introduce an NPC that allows lvl 450+ characters daily CM entry conversions into a 1 day CM reset voucher that can be put in the team storage so I can accumulate all the CMs on one character for leveling/support/utility purposes.
If the conversion costs a little silver (100k) people who have several characters to do it individually rather than stacking on a single character would still hold the advantage, but at least one wouldn’t be bound to only using multiple different characters once the daily & weekly entries are spent.

some lazy people using PD alt for auto cm, it is not hard using macro or maybe some botter auto cm using bot script

you babbling about gap in silver but increasing the limit by x3 also increasing the funneler profit by x3
which means the gap are still the same or even bigger LMAO

the problem is never about the character limits since its cheese-able by creating alts, but it is your playtime. in blatant words how no life you are.

if you complain with this trivial thing you wouldve cry for justice knowing some of those funneler not even behind pc but instead bots

theres never a fair mmo, if you look for some sort of justice or fair play you should play totally f2p games with no interruption of gaming experience from the dev at all

a game that sells high end material, gears, extra entries etcs that could interrupt fair progress is clearly not one of a game where you seek fair play or justice

people who go to this extreme usually motivated by ‘making money’ or see it as a form of valuable irl. As someone who spend at least $100 a month on this game, I prefer to spend money and save my time, rather than going that route just to play a buggy game.

How did you make this conclusion? I think I specifically mentioned different class combinations. If you decide to reuse same build and equipment on each of your alts, then that would be your choice.

Again, how did you make this conclusion? I’m not looking for fair play. My point is, it’s far more profitable to make another account than to invest in an alt. And it shouldn’t be this way, alt characters should provide more benefits than they do now. The game should encourage people putting effort in one team, as opposed to making multiple accounts.

The playtime is very limited right now, after you’re done with daily CM/DS and your weekly resets, there isn’t much to do to earn silver after IMC decided to kill field farming. The options are either buying resets for real money or making another account. An alt character is simply not worth it in comparison, so I think this situation could be improved. And again, even if you had like 40 characters, you’re not forced to go through them all, it’s all about having another decent choice besides spending real money and making new accounts.

It’s related to my own comment, it’s the continuation of the previous sentence, which stresses the problem that the game focuses on building a single character but then rewards people who have more than one with more CM entries daily. It was way worse in the past (which is what I hinted at in the very first sentence of my comment), but the situation is still an odd one right now because people are somewhat at a loss what to do to get more CM entries.
Right now, they can do three things:

  1. go to an episode 13 map and kill monsters, hoping for a 3 day CM reset voucher to drop
  2. make an alt character and level it up to level 450 to enter auto challenge mode in area 3
  3. buy reset packages for TP or gamble for leticia cubes or buy CM vouchers for high amounts of silver from the market

Aside that,there are options of making an alt account and trade over items gained from CMs there, but they will need to buy all the necessary resets via mercenary badges, which costs a lot of extra time spent on uphill defense/etc.
Might be an option when there is an event arount like that diev one that allows upgrading your episode 12 equipment.

Mercenary badge got limit so whats the point?

I think that the idea from this post would make the reason about the old patch about remove the silver from field monsters, useless.

This idea would make them do the same but legally, and i think that it’s not the way to balance this.

It’s true that i have not an idea that would solve this problem 100% sure, but i’m sure that this is not the way to solve this problem.

They have to find a way to make it easier to identify funneling players/accounts to ban them or just take back the silver on fields instead of add more free daily CMs (because it would be the same).

The difference between have 3 free daily CMs instead of 1, is only like 6 to 10 minutes per character. That’s useless. This idea would make it MORE unbalanced because they wont stop use more accounts.

however, I think that the thought about that is not fair that the players that play more gets more than the the other ones that play less, its not true. This means that i think that anyway, the old patch about remove the silver from field monsters was a bad and useless idea (as you can see with funneling players). They should add it again, make field monsters drop silver again.

And thats all, that’s my opinion.