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Increase range of all Archer classes

Increase range of all Archer classes.
I noticed that range of Archers are equal or shorter than other Job like Wizard and some Swordman classes in this game.
That is huge disadvantage and imbalance in pvp and pve.

I dont think its much of an imbalance, but aesthetically and the whole theme of archers being ranged lads kinda falls apart when classes like mergen loves being close, and with set bonuses like Ataka makes you hug the boss.
As someone that loves to play archer-type characters in RPGs, its kinda sad how short ranged these supposed ranged characters are, but i dont think its possible for IMC to adjust all the classes in the game to some new arbitrary range standard, and its too much effort with for something that not many people seem to care about.
I share the same sentiment with classes like bullet marker, which are almost forced to pick a melee class like assassin, but thats another matter entirely, and can easily be fixed in contrast to archers, which are kinda melee by design, ironically.

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