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Incomplete Savinose Dysnai 440 random stat table (Google sheet link inside)

Hi everyone reading this!

So, I’ve been trying to find a complete table of stats for the lvl 440 Savinose Dysnai Random Stats.
I have combed through sources, asked around, self-tested, and googled to the heavens (my google-fu might be sucky); But i came up with this incomplete table so far.

Would anyone be so kindly to fill the blanks and also correct any values that are incorrect.
Leave a comment, send me a link, I’ll take any inputs!!

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Link to Sheets, feel free to comment!

EDIT: PS: Do you think IMC will give us the correct values if I send a ticket and/or tag some of the bigwigs in this post?

EDIT: Apologies @GM_Francis ! I just had to tag you out of curiosity.

Attack offset same as attack against. Same as 430 Dysnai

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All stats have a 5% higher cap for Savinose Dysnai

that’s what i thought as well!
I guess i needed someone else to help clarify that too haha, thanks!

and for HP/SP recovery? Any knowledge on them?

Sorry, I’ve only been playing for a few months now; But 5% increase compared to what set Alyu?

And do you have a link to said stats?
Thank you.

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higher than varna ichor max stats
azusagi table at post #2, that is varna max stats (STR 80) savi dysnai max stats STR 84, +5%

Yes that is indeed a 5% increase; But have you tried applying them tried the other stats?

  • 430 armor max critrate is 265
    But when we add 5% on that, it becomes 278.25.
    Whereas the current max critrate in 440 dysnai is 277.

Plase do correct me if I’m wrong. Math isn’t my strongest suit :pleading_face:

You’re not wrong on it. I actually never stopped to check the math and I always heard people saying its 5% higher than 430 primus. Well, I can only confirm the green, blue and the Block stats in your sheet are right for armor and 1-handed weapons since I use them with perferct sandra. The rest, I can’t confirm.

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I’ve updated it since; Had valuable inputs from my guildie.
The only mystery left is Stamina.

Might be a long time before we see someone ultimate/perfect mag stamina haha

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i could sacrifice silvers and perfect sandra every type of equipment but ehhhhhh
no one uses stamina anyway lmao

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