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In what server its suppose i have to play?

Im from mexico and im gonna start to play TOF and i dont have idea ion what server i must have to enter. And i dont know if free access is already or i have to buy founders pack to play it.

Klaipeda or Orsha?

you have to buy founder pack on steam, the F2P has been pushed to somewhat mid May, there is going to be a South America server, but most of the players of South America are from Brazil, so i recomend to play on Klaipeda or Orsha, or wait a few days to see how all the SA server evolves.

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wait the SA server =) …may 1

Thank you all, i might wait the SA server hoping i found spanish speakers cause my english its not very good and i dont know portuguesse.

You can start playing at Klaipeda or Orsha now, just send a request to be moved coz it’s ending soon.

Puedes testear el ping que tendras en el SA server que estara en Sao Pablo Brazil, aqui te dejo las instrucciones de IMC.

Mas que nada la cuestion es por encontrar a mas jugadores hispanos, ya que a pesar de saber ingles preferiria en un server con mayoria gente latinoamericana o hispanhablante y el serv del sao paulo ya cheque tengo buen ping pero no se portugues.