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[Improvement] Regarding the guild feature


I’m one of the those who like to play with others as the acronym MMORPG initates. Therefore i’m managing and leading a guild for over 2 years. The guild UI and features in general improved alot since lunch and still is improving with the upcomming guild hangout changes. However, i still want to put my two cents in here for what i think is missing, regardless what imc is currently developing.

Guild Tower:

  • save the location of the guild tower with a 7 day cooldown like neutrality declaration
  • pay it via the guild fund
  • beeing able to add durations to the current on going one (like 3 day remaining + 7 day for 100k = 10 day duration), so we don’t have to wait until the tower gets destroyed.
  • insert an button in the guild UI or implement scolls, that can be bought by the templar master, that let you teleport to the location of your guild tower or guild hangout

Guild UI

  • Community tab: let me edit the posts equal like a properly build forum or change it to a proper forum integrated to the guild UI
  • Insert a window/tab to all shops of guild members with map location equal to the guild tower

Guild Hangout

  • add an status window for crops or pets in the guild UI
  • send the harvested crops to the shared storage to make farming more guild orientated
  • let us build certain shops that improves our gameplay: Repairshop, Blacksmith, Alchemist,
  • let us invest materials to gain buff: exp bonus, looting change, damage against bosses, increased damage/defense, etc. for a whole week, this way lots of useless ores get a meaning again

playing together as a guild should be more beneficial than playing with none guild members.
the usual bonuses from other games are: increased exp and silver drop. But those wouldn’t properly encourage people set up a guild party. How about +1% chance per same guild party member for an additional cube? Or per addition guild member within the party looting chance increase by +50.

  • let me send a guild message similiar to a system message

Guild Raids/Mission

  • the guild master or the person with the authority should be able to create guild raid parties of more than 5 people. The best example i know is from Guild Wars 2 where you can create raid parties and distinguish them in squads.
  • Adding gimmicks to raids that needs a bit of coordination like the bosses in the 380 raids (e.g. you have to keep up the lamp in Wastrel to prevent sp drain)

That are just some shower thoughts i could came up with. I will probably add new ideas to the list with passing time.