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Impossible quest "Competitive to the Extreme"

This quest objective is to kill a monster up to 3 levels above you or a boss monster up to 5 levels below you with 3 or less armor slots. I’m lvl 360 and it is the last quest I need to make practonium box. Please make it possible to complete since there are obviously no lvl 361-363 monsters and no lvl 355-359 bosses.

Should I try inviting lvl ~355 in a party and go on some mission? Will it work?

Uphill defense, Missions will work. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, didn’t know uphill monsters scale their lvls

Crystal mine mission

I’ve definitely seen monsters up to lvl 369 in fields. And Hauberk in Narvas Temple Annex is clearly above level 355, so you can just go there and complete the quest to kill him (Long Dreams Are Dreamt at Narvas Temple).

But the main reason you’re stuck is because you wait till level 360 to do the quest. It’s clearly meant to be done as soon as you reach Inner Enceinte District, where you can simply remove your armor and kill any monster around which should qualify.