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Implement a Downvote button

I see a lot of shitposts and comments everyday in the forums. I think the forums needs a downvote button just like how reddit is.

If it’s off-topic or breaks any other guidelines, flag it.

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But I can flag only once a day :cry:

I think that down vote would be highly miss-used.


just like how reddit is.
[/quote] No, thank you very much, Reddit is useful sometimes but… IT’S AWFUL.

I really don’t like the idea of a down vote… as many people would just use it on post/ideas they don’t agree with. I do however think there needs to be more coverage from moderators on the forums as they can get out of control sometimes.

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But i mean reddit is better than this toxic forum. You see double the sarcasm and more shitposts.

Reddit is sooo bad work for open discussions, I think Reddit is only good for spreading news/general info, but this forum, specially General Discussion area is open for anything. At least I enjoy it, I rather see a dynamic forum than only “top” topics or “top” comments.

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I like your last statement. That is what I basically do now every time i go to the forums = “top” && "today.

I see. This forum is more like discussion based, the more you talk about something, the more it stays at the top, community is responsible for bumping what to talk about. Reddit is focused on specific information, the most “useful” stuff will get to the top in order to be seen. I don’t think Reddit has meaningful discussions, but it’s good to stay updated on things that could probably be interesting (or not). ToS subreddit is dead as hell though.