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[Impetus] Remi's GVG Feedback

  • Team Name: Remiri

  • Character Name: nitro7

  • Class Build: Cleric1-Priest3-Chaplain-Oracle1-Kabba1-Inquisitor2

  • CPU: i7

  • RAM: 12 GB

  • Graphics Card: GTX 780

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: Cable - Broadband

  • Country/State: East Coast USA

Hello from Impetus leadership. Here is my feedback for the recent beta test of territory wars!

1.) As with previous mass PVP, the player is fighting the game more than the other players.

  • What I mean by this; is that you can’t use skills, move around, or play the game with any notion of strategy due to the lag and skill delay. This boils down Territory wars to less of a micro-management and all about macro-management.
  • Macro-management means your group makeup, equipment, basically anything beyond the control of your character. If you had the right Macro you were 99% of the way there, since Micro-management was almost impossible due to the lag and skill delay.
  • Solution: Focus your efforts on server stability, expand Territory Wars to 5 maps or more, normalize gear, develop solutions to prevent skill delay (skill taking 3-4 seconds to cast) or skill failure altogether (you use the skill, your character does the animation and chills there for 2 seconds, then nothing happens).

2.) TBL rules did not apply

  • This again shifts the War to more Macro-management, since you can effectively be immortal with the right group makeup and dispellers.
  • Without damage reduction, if you didn’t have the perfect macro (Ausrine+Bloodletting+Melstis) even with high Transcendent gear you would be killed very quickly. As a Priest with stage6 armor I fared better than most, but I can imagine it was hell for any non-cleric.
  • Solution: Put in TBL rules, and normalize attack and defense so that gear matters less, and your strategy and micro-management matter more.

3.) The Safe Zone allows for players to stand in it, take no damage, and spam AOE moves outside of the Safe Zone to disrupt/damage/kill players who are actually going for the objective.

  • This is huge since anyone who felt they couldn’t compete for the objective resolved themselves to ruining the experience for the people who wanted to compete.
  • Solution: Change the mechanics of the safe zone. Disallow any incoming AND outgoing damage/CC for people in the safe zone, and carry over these effects for 3 seconds after you leave the safe zone. It is crucial to carry over BOTH effects, so you dont have people dancing in and out of the safe zone, using skills, and then running back in.
  • Solution #2: Once the immunity effects of the safe zone run out, you CAN NOT gain the safe zone effect for another 10 seconds. This will prevent aforementioned ‘dancing’ between safe and non safe zones.

4.) Maps like Inner Wall 8 make attacking infinitely harder than defending.

  • Inner 8’s capture point only has 2 choked entry points. The defending team can focus their efforts on 2 simple choke points, while all the other guilds are busy fighting each other due to the corridor-like nature of the map.
  • Solution: This format would be much better served on a more open map, Inner 8 is just too busy and riddled with choke points. Maps with more entry points (i.e. arrows) will help overcome the shortcomings of the server and game itself and allow for better strategy.

Bump for additional Safe Zone feedback

Please disallow the use of the skill Ice Wall completely within the safe zone. This can be abused to prevent people from going anywhere for extended periods of time without repercussion, unless you waste valuable cooldowns like counter spell.

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Day 2 Feedback:

Impetus was able to hold the spot at Galeed. Lotus took us over but had to abandon to re-capture Inner 8, while we continued to pound on Galeed to get it back.

From the perspective of holding a spot here is my feedback.
1.) Buffs in a non-TBL environment are way too powerful, especially with a templar2-3 to share them all. You can effectively become immortal with a combination of Ein Sof 15, Bloodletting, Ausrine, Revive, and Melstis.

  • Solution: TBL rules need to be applied. The limitations on invulnerabiliy are crucial to make attacking and defending more interesting, and also avoids the possibility of creating an impregnable defense.

2.) We lost Galeed to Lotus, in part, due to the massive de-sync/lag

  • We honestly didn’t have a chance to defend the spot. When lotus entered the field all actions were de-synced until they were on top of us, and again it boiled down to Macro instead of Micro.
  • Solution: Continue to address server instability and server-side lag.

3.) Galeed is perhaps a more questionable spot for GVG than Inner 8…somehow

  • Inner 8 has 2 points of attack, with tons of corridors. Galeed is a more open map, but it only has a single point of entry to the capture point. This makes it ridiculously easy to defend, barring lag/desync issues.
  • Solution: Pick maps with open land, some corridors, and multiple ways to attack the spot (2 is ideal). Genar is probably the most ‘fair’, followed by Inner 8, then finally Galeed being the worst.

Previous stuff I mentioned in the 1st post still apply, the clutter was definitely reduced with 3 maps and I think that is a healthy number for now.

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Day 3: Attack Attack Attack!

Based on our activities from this day, involving spending the entire war in a constant state of offense, here are a couple additional points.

  • Heavy Gravity appears to lock players in place completely, and prevent skill use completely. Is this a bug?
  • Would like commentary on the use of Dispellers in GVG and if their use is intended. If yes, OK that helps combat froster lord completely.
  • Pigeonholing the Guild Master into using Templar is bad. Tie Summoning, Buff Share, Guild Tower, etc to the Guild Master as exclusive skills, and refine Templar to a more buff-oriented Swordie. Skills like Battle Orders, Forge, and Shield Charger are cool! Expand on those

Thats all for now! All comments above are still valid.

Hello @Remiri

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will be reviewing your feedback and suggestions and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you
GM Francis,

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