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IMCs misconception about Fencer

They think fencer is on par with everyone else and leave its SFRs low
Please IMC, buff fencer


complain denied.

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What is Fencer? And why are you complaining? Just go Lancer. All For One

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The issue with fencers lies in the damage formula. Physical attack is used two times there, and rapiers have no way to compete with two handed weapons as far as physical attack goes. Fencers are kinda in a strange place. They aren’t actually supposed to use shields - epee garde nullifies its defense unless you’re a rodelero, offensive rapide makes it so you can’t block with shield - and the only use they have for daggers is for their stats and gems, even if they will never actually use them. So they have none of the advantages of two handed weapon wielders, but they also miss most of the advantages of one handed weapon wielders as well (especially given as the swordsman attributes are about one handed swords specifically).
Rapier classes would need some attribute for rapiers to work around it. Like, give rapiers a partial defense ignore, maybe tied to critical rate (like 1% defense ignore per 100 crit rate). Or make a rapier mastery, maybe with several tiers depending on the classes chosen (so that using fencer and matador together would give additional effects).

why memencer? Just go lancer

The real issue is that Fencer inherited a theme from early ToS which tried to mix both tankiness and high damage, although in a Fencing manner: timed and with lots of risks, which is why the early evasion and blocks were enourmos but with a duration as low as half a second.

The thing is, Fencers are unique that they can deal a lot of damage while having little strenght (by hitting your vitals) and they are superb in parrying and evading while somethat at low armor and all this specialized in dueling, 1v1 (the idea of Fencer was always that he traded AOE attack ratio in favor of perfect offense and defense).

This means they are pretty much a Scout that focus on the main hand.

Now, after rebuild and the new rules of critical and evasion, which makes as an obligation to have strenght only critical, Fencer has like an apendicitis called Flanconnade and Esquive Toucher and a kit that has somewhat high damage but with no armor pen, as most of his advantage was to increase the early critical that ignored defense.

I frankly don’t what IMC wants with this class.

Totally agree with both of you. They need to adjust the SFR or make a rapier passive that ignores % def… or even make a passive that ignores crit cap completely.

Waaaa fencer buffs. Arigathanks IMC

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The buffs seem nice indeed. But the high sp cost of epee garde is quite concerning, we’ll have to see how it turns out.

Looks like we’re back to square one with fencer having high damage output and even higher sp costs

SP management actually mattering? Its been a while.


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