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IMC wrost copany?

hi my name is Yesaj Sprigo. i am a long term fan when it comes to MMOs such as Maplestory. so when i heard about a new maplestory remaked name

ToS i had to be excited. glboally, everyone knewmaplestory 2 was a flop. it just wasn’t the same. now im only hear good things about ToS. how it have the maplestory essence. its maple’s true succeeder unlike maple 2.

but when the game got to North America and othercounties for global, my excitement has been slowly decrease.

First let me explain,

the game right now is not very polished. i went hiking and my shoe is still more polished there are bugs everywhere. a lot of issues. the staff seem to think that limiting early access would help but as we all can see, there is a lot of stuff like server lag, etc etc.

next, the company. who heard of IMC before this? it seems shady that a company come from nowhere and take a big name hype game such as Tree of Savior. and also one of the employee name is John. John sounds like the name of a guy who thinks there is no loot in Tree of Savior. and a guy who thinks that exploiting is a legitimate way to get ahead in an MMORPG.

finally, there is the company’s decision making. still after launch- the same issues occurs and there is nothing they do to fix. instead they focus on issues no one cares about such as guild neutrality etc. if u look at other games, they seem to have an easy time to deal iwth bots. but everything IMC try have seem to backfire on them.

I am loving the game so far and I want it to succeed. But, poor decision making and no communication from IMC Staff seem to indicate that its going to slowly go downhill from here. I went the cleric class and my goal is to become a beast Coven Dweller.

ty for reading. please improve the quality and longevity of ToS.



Do you mean Ragnarok Online?

Did I fall for obvious bait?


they aren’t doing well, Yes
worst, No, at least there’re something slightly improve since EA
"____ worst company ? " are something I saw on most forums of online games that I played.

Your story touched me, I’m gonna carve it into stone for future generations.

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i am not leaving. il ike the game. just some stuff like gold botters, lag, and stuff r hard to deal with

Ask yourself if there was a point to repeat the same complaints for the 1000x time with your own words. Why not copy/paste reply in one of 10s of topics that are identical to yours.

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Trying to understand the post the thread maker did is giving me a headache.
But answering the only parts I could understand, do not compare Tree of Savior with Maple Story 2, and IMC countains part of the developers of Ragnarok that were ditched from the project on Korean Closed beta, they have another game named Granado Espada Online, or Sword 2. But due to bad management and being shorthanded, the game currently is grieffed and boring.

Also, I believe IMC is not the worst company ever, there are several other companies that are worst than them that does not cares about the players, keeps launching cash items and focuses on end game content just to make the players who are bored because speed runned to the end game could have “something to do” (cough Gravity).

IMC is at least trying to make things be reasonable, I just hope they does not make me disappointed.

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B-But majority wants to play TOS so bad that they threw tantrums here and there disregarding the flee of IMC to give them more time to polish this game. This game was supposed to be released in June not March. They also wanted to distribute the playerbase to other game publisher to lessen the workload because probably they dont have enough people to cater all the problems? And look what we have now a cluster ■■■■ of problems because of whiners like you. If you want to blame someone, at least put it in a right place and give it to all the idiots who wanted to play this game so fast. Here is the list of all the idiots im referring to.



Thank you!
People like OP are fridiging annoying, so impatient, it’s like they’re paying a montly sub of 40$ while they’re just freeloaders asking to have a 4 stars hotel room!

Then when they make mistakes with their build, they come here and blame the game while they didn’t even took 10 mins in their life to research but did had sometime to come and whine.

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I hate Comcast so no.


Notice how I never complain about messing up a build or character. All I am angry about is IMC’s incompetence.

I’ve remade my character 2-3 times and

I never finish anyth