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IMC, we demand a response on Trans/Enh Event


Not having a post/reply yet regarding the 50% Trans/Enh event is disrespectful, how do you expect our support if you fail in such a simple task?

Fix the event, give us compensations and don’t forget to apologize for the immense delay, anything else other than that is unnaceptable.



It is about time. Did that event happen in kToS? I’m asking it because I can’t understand how an event that was supposedly tested and implemented in the official Korean servers still came with that problem.

There are people storing blesseds and silver for these discount events, IMC. This is not something secondary, it is of utmost importance…



Honestly instead of pointlessly waiting I already reached t9 on my weapon, with the current ways to obtain blessed gems I could care less. Screw any hope for that event to come back.

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I choose you!



They only have one timezone so all computers were set at whatever korea standard time is. The issue is that we are international and using computer clock is no good. Not sure why they are taking so long to respond/fix though.



There is no time zones on kToS for obvious reasons, so they faced no problems related to it.
Nevertheless. time-zones related problems exist from the launch and they still haven’t figured out how to fix them. Potato coders.

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who cares they could just leave it open for an entire week, easy fix.
what bothers me is that they have decided to completely ignore it.



Agreed. That event should’ve been ON everyday not just on weekends.



That’s true, but it shouldn’t be a big problem really. At least it doesn’t seem to be something to take weeks to solve. The UI updated as if the event was running but the backend wasn’t. It’s like the client code was completely out of sync with the server code itself. It can’t take that much time to synchro both clocks…

It would be nice if we had our own test server, but…


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