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IMC, please reconsider the new day and time scheduled for GTW


Didn’t you heard our feedback from the 3rd BETA testing?
This is the time we used to test:

One hour early than that would be ideal (22PM to 23PM BRT) , but the testing time is still better than the new schedule.

You need to consider that Brazil has more than 3 timezones, while in Brasilia it’s 20:00 in my state it’s only 18:00 and since Silute have people playing from all over South America, places like Acre(Brazil), Colombia, Peru is even earlier (17:00)

This is not a reasonable schedule because most people are still working/studying at that time and will not be able to participate.
Also, why suddenly change from Sunday to Monday?
I think most people will agree that on weekend is the best time for this type of content, what was wrong with the schedule on Sunday? Also now we have Boruta starting at Monday, should we drop the content in the middle and let the dragon heal?

I really hope you change this so more people can play and enjoy the content.


Gtw on Sundays, plix plox plux


Please IMC, change back to Sunday!!


Sunday would be much better. Or maybe Saturday.

IMC pls :tired:


Please IMC, change back to Sunday!!


please imc just change gtw day to sunday, I fully follow what the Arkantos said.


change back to Sunday pls


I would also prefer Sunday, especially if it’s only once per week.


@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan Change the GTW day to weekends pls!


Please IMC, change back to Sunday!!!


Voting for GtW on weekends as well! Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top!


@STAFF_Bob change it back to Sunday. Monday is a huge mistake, the hours are fine, the day is completely wrong.

Why are you making your userbase choose between Boruta and GTW on the first day? Is this a sad attempt to alleviate server issues instead of solving the fundamental problem with them?


Same, on a weekend day would be nicer !!


Also chipping in to say that this should be on a weekend.


change back to Sunday PLEAAAAAAASEEEE @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Ethan


Sunday is way better


domingo pode ser qualquer horário @_@


They need to reconsider is this thing:

Guilds who own a Spot Area can also receive a set percentage of the Silver spent on Market fees (both registration and sale fees). Funds accumulated through these tariffs are calculated on a weekly basis.

They only transform the KR patch to iTOS without taking into account the current server situation. Now we have a guild controlling a city forever and receiving rivers of money from the market. 4% of every registration and sales charge is VERY MUCH!


They updated it to Sunday again.
yay emoticon_0030


Thanks IMC for listening to us ! PipiTini