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IMC need to do something about the new steam hub problem

It’s not just tos, but this problem is messing up a lot of other games as well, but it’s a perfect storm that’s ruining tos because this new steam hub problem compound by lost ark hypes. The new steam hub only display games that were “positive” by default and since we got review bombed a year ago, tos is in the mixed tier so it’s impossible for any new players to even see the game on the list; on top of that, imc never do anything about the review bomb and just let it sat there.
There are 2 very simple solution to this: 1) list the game on the epic store because steam never said you can’t be on both store at the same time, 2) do some kind of listing renew on steam, sure there be more paper work on imc part, but at least you can get rid of the review bombs

Review bomb eh? Rofl
Nice idea for imc in case they looking for scapegoat for the game’s fall
Do you seriously think review bomb is reason why playerbase declining and no newcomers?
Set it to overwhelming positive, put it on top of list, list it in another game store, nothing will change.
Any newcomers will just confused on why the game having that review, they may even confused why it’s on recommended territory
Mixed is good enough for tos and Imc, they may even deserve worse
Talking bout review bomb may relevant for most recent games in past year, but tos?
It’s should be called review small grenades, thrown over the past 5+ years, vocalized players experiences


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