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IMC Ignores Bot Reports

Several of us have been posting/pleading with IMC to ban Snowdance, Momohime(yoyo), and Majie(alistar) for over 3weeks now, they are all the prototypical chaplin bots, and all run by the same source, they have been ruining peoples farming in vedas plateau for the past 3-4 weeks that I am aware of, we report them dozens of times a day in game, and on the forums, IMC even responded before specifically in regards to snowdance, then never followed up on it, this is unacceptable, we are trying to help IMC, we report them in game, and in the forums, and week after week we are met with some joke of a ban list, the latest list could of been found in 7 minutes of real life time on any server, enough is enough IMC, listen to your REAL players, TREE OF BOTS is killing this game faster then any optimization or class balance issue.


but bots are the majority of players in the game, we can’t be seen banning bots.
not like this.

Only 2 got banned in Telsiai. And I still saw them all the times.

So… There really no point in reporting? I’m an idiot for even bother to click report, not to mention capture vid screenshot for report in forum later.

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I thought IMC was a robot designed to make bad decisions

IMC is an amateur company thats all about making money