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IMC if u want fix the server economy, STOP AFK FARM

  • Reason for report : AFK Farm

  • Server : Silute

  • Location : Solitary Cells

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 09:59 PM

AFK Farm Team Names

  • IDingou - Guild B i q u e i r a
  • CombatKnife - Guild B i q u e i r a
  • Massacrer - Guild Pallium
  • Own3d - Guild TheInmmortall
  • CONQUISTADORES - Guild Nazaricks (Guild Leader)
  • Challenger - Guild Morroc
  • Konni - No Guild
  • Almeidabb - No Guild


this is the reason tos is dying


Its allowed silver mining, but why they tell what forbidden use macroing and will not do somthing for stopped this.


Because you cant really do anything about macroing, except for GM being there personally to make sure that reported player(s) is(are) controlling their summons while AFK.

They know about this issue for about 2 years now

They simply don’t care to do anything about it


all what need to do, its nerf this quest spot place, how they make some time ago with dina be farm, Easy )

that won’t fix anything, they’ll just find another place

also, that would punish “legit” players