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IMC I think you need to hire a Community Manager

IMC I think you need to hire a kawaii female/feminine Community Manager to psychologically calm the forum users. Someone in the staff should actively communicate with the players base but it should be someone angry person might give mercy unto instead of rage messages.

She can use cutesy tone while the rest of the staff can go the ‘serious business’ aspects of the game.


She’d go insane in a week.

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I would be worried about them becoming the next thing the community can express displeasure about.

some game have 1 day date GM/CM events with premium purchases in case IMC want to cash in the idea

You need to pay for that person’s salary like every guy who is paying 50$ would say!

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Getting PM’s ranging from complaints to alienic language will most probably make her age 10 times faster.

But I second to the whole Community Manager idea. As long as he/she can lighten up the forum.

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Whoever that moderator will be… good luck to you :laughing:

no moderator or whatever is needed…

just with a bloody “Hi we are alive” from the staff every so often and people would calm down :triumph:

but people enter in panic and instead of telling them to relax, the staff just leave the room and let everyone burn inside it…


It’s not that easy, man.

Just look at the General Discussion. It’s a battlefield. One man wouldn’t be enough. Words can even enrage people more.

we have 5 Staff members…

Yeah. And people only blame them for everything right now. Also, just as you said, they show up irregularly.

So, we need to be more vigilant.

hire asian

or vampires

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If IMC is looking at these threads for suggestions, I’d be down. Honestly it looks like they need all the help they can get when it comes to communicating with their fanbase. Doesn’t hurt that I’m really interested in how they handle their backend now…

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There are some new members :stuck_out_tongue:

Staff_Julie is new!

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I feel sorry for any community manager of this forum. It will be like the Vindictus forums where every new post was met with criticism, inappropriate questions and people asking for still more information. They had at least 3 different CMs and none of them post anymore. People just use them as a lightning rod when the big wigs at corporate make decisions no one likes and leaves it to them to announce it.

Community Manager is for people who hate themselves. Most of you simply aren’t respectful enough of your fellow man and tend to forget the employees are human beings.

You make this suggestion, and all of the sudden Staff_Julie appears. Quite suspicious… :hushed:

/inb4 Karjalainen is Julie. :spy:

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Someone who has a steady grasp on the English language to talk to the internationals would kick up their professionalism by several notches.

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