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I'm thinking of coming back

I am an old player I have not been in the game since 2018 … What is the current state of the game? I have 350 BM / Oracle / Summoner and many more characters. What would you suggest I should do or where to start? I can also start over :slight_smile:


The game’s very fun until you reach the point of needing to farm to farm end game to farm the much more end game with RNG cycle.

Now, if all’s ok with you, I recommend starting with either a support buffer or a cleric healer.

Support buffer (Scout Tree, Cor-Ench-Thau) requires little gear and provides a lot of damage to your party. Farm your silver with this character then fund your main, or your healer.

After this, there’s plenty of choices depending on the role you want to do on raids, cm, dscm, etc.

Once you reach Level 400, you can use Legend Savinose at +11 and trans 10 from EP11 Quest reward, this will be your key starting gear. Put fixed ichors inside (Misrus is nice and cheap, as well as moring ones). Con is very important at this stage since 400 savi has low values with the built-in stats.

You then start your CM grind, into DSCM later on while funding your raid character. You can buy cheap 2nd hand skia or go glacia straight, depending on your patience. But of course, glacia in the long run will be more rewarding if you’re playing dps.


Thanks for advice <3

the progress of leveling kinda enjoyable but when u reach lvl 400+ the game requires players to endless grinding. if you f2p gearing could be stressful if you ever fail on ichoring or anviling this where the grinding cycle begins or stop.

Thinking of going back? Bored and desperate you must be, at least I came back but to kill time, and as game addicts say, play very casually.

The truth is that today, unless you put money into a monthly subscription (for example, Black Desert has become a ToS 3D, or has the process been the other way around? Elder Scrolls Online is a demo in disguise and Guild Wars 2, well, you must like the setting and the style), you can forget about playing an online … More than anything, they are all, at different levels, the same as ToS is.

If you plan to play, I recommend that you do it in a very measured way and choose to make the longest experience personally. It can be stupid, but if you make a character from scratch, level 1 and choose to do each quest without consuming experience cards or the like (statues, exp books, blessed plants, etc.), such as NO entering the instanced dungeons, I assure you that the fun will last a little longer.

If you have any friends that can join you on the journey from level 1 (and make a guild with these hard-mode rules? Find all the treasure chests? Reveal 100% maps? Try the hidden quests? Etc. Can be fun) with this mode, you can try a role by putting yourself in the shoes of the characters (or do it in the Japanese isekai, as is now fashionable) just as it would be a true adventure.

Moreover, to increase the difficulty, try to use a non-meta Build that you personally like (you can make an imitation of your favourite fictional series character) and from a tree that you are not used to handling at all, for example, I am playing with a swordman from scratch avoiding these facilities already described, when I normally handle elemental themed dps mages.

In summary, the longer you extend the adventure and its limit point, where the casino is and “daily tasks” (and everything “new”), the more you will enjoy the game, contrary to what it seems.

On the other hand, you can always use one of your characters already uploaded and equipped for those boring tasks (dungeon instances, mercenary quest, grinding and casino tables), more than anything, to complete the events of the turn and get the prizes that do not have an expiration date. Good luck, Ex-Savior.

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@mertbsrnn i suggest you to not listen to negative people on this forum, cause u gonna get frustrated. Just play the game and have your own experience. If you want to quit, so be it, and that is fine. Negativity these days is so freaking loud, it is insane.

@akanechan just quit the fuc.king game already, the dude is asking for help inside the game , not some life advice. You will not be missed, cya

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leech from the strong, play linear type (matk/patk focus) or even linear build (clerics only, scout only etc) to save your silver from the needs of multiple gears, spend less sell more, play build that does not depend too much on high leveled gears-> support, just be decent, til you want yourself a dps cause in the end there will be soloing stuffs, then you can use your investment.

Thank you very much for the answers, as our old guild we decided to start again, we brought some more friends. Time will tell from now on, after all we are people who work and have a life. If we are going to save our time, it won’t hurt to give some money.