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Iloveu botting in Automatch cm - Fedimian server

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : Wajulillo

  • Location : Automatch cm 3

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 9:40 am CET

  • Evidence

Hello! Check the Iloveu player (the guy on the left). I was with him/her several cms and he was doing the same stuff over and over -> stand still and use skills randomly without aiming

Also I saw another guy called Helloppl doing exactly the same patterns with same build.
Probably same person botting but couldn’t record him/her


Hey Waju :hi: I’ll also inform our guild staff about this, and we will probably kick him/her. This person also never responding to us anyway, and also never doing content with us.

im not trying to defend him or anything but there are classes/build that doesnt really require you to move or aiming because they are blessed with aoes or auto target ranged skills
i play many build and certain build really dont require me to move the character at all and when you are doing like 30cm+ a day you will start to feel like a bot and play like a bot
this builds lazy playstyle in content like cm auto really suitable to dampen the tiresome of the endlesss grinding content
this grindy content are nowhere to be fun after all, its just party dps check, spam skill fest, not something gimmicky like DCP 11 where you need to move and dodge ■■■■

Look, I did like 5-6 cms with him/her in automatch that day.
He/She was doing exactly the same stuff and using skills in the same direction even when the boss wasn’t there (watch the end of the video)… That’s when I started suspecting about it

He/she throws sand and those ardito bombs in the same area all the time… he/she even keeps using skills when the cm is over!

Obviously if it was a 1 time thing I wouldn’t notice, but it was the same in several cms!

this grindy content are nowhere to be fun after all, its just party dps check, spam skill fest, not something gimmicky like DCP 11 where you need to move and dodge ■■■■

Yes, grind content isn’t fun. But the rest of the people do it legally to get money.
That’s no excuse at all.

Tell me if you see this again. Seems he’s in our guild and I don’t recall seeing him doing anything in the guild.

He’s in ours sadly. I messaged him and talked about this but he didn’t answer any of us so I already did what I have to.

Guys, some build can literally be played with one hand, not to say 1 fingers… It’s not player’s fault that the game was design like this… Besides no one is obliged to respond others players…

Don’t worry he did reply to me and we worked it out so it should be fine ? satisfaction
I do agree with your statement too since I can too stand in 1 place and just push buttons and still do most damage.

Please, cut the crap. I don’t need poor excuses.
I do cms while watching netflix lots of times and I can assure you gameplay is still different.

But don’t worry. IMC didn’t do anything and won’t, so I assume botting is legal.

Is it true that if you do insane damage (let say big aoe wizard thingy), other people in cm auto will get less rewards, since it compares your damage to the total party dmg ?

Technically yes, but the bar is so low that you will have no problem getting full rewards.

I do CMs every day with my Squire (using wizard armor/accessories+event weapons and no attributes), and even if I get 4 wizards in the party, I still get full rewards.

In fact, the only time I did not get full rewards was when I ran CM on a low-gear healer, and had no sp elixirs so I couldn’t spam Heal.

So it’s true only the healer gets affected most since some of my guildies got less than usual rewards, tho I did suggest them to change the heal type or some sort and things back to normal now.