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Illusion of range

i wrote this sort of complain due to lacking of introduction/explanation/showcase/tutorial how “range” actually is
for example

this is one of many example where even though you added range:100 detail,ppl will still questioning how far it actually is, because there is no in-game tutorial how far ranges is.
even worse, oot, this buff modifying arts doesnt even have animation that shows how far the area is. on the other hand, paladin restoration that works pretty much the same except you dont need to be close, have an animation that show some sort of circles each time it heals that actually, useless

i couldve complain about about this arts have no animation changes or even buff icon as well any other times but what i think what more urgent is the game need to add introduction of ranges where you can learn about it, like training ground in klaipedia, therefore all this skills range detail no longer become just like delusion
a simple addition of pattern like below on the training grounds will actually do

image *random image,just example

i know that there will be tutorial feature and i hope its at least a decent one
though i already have my doubt

Oracle’s Foretell used to show telegraphs of attack skills, though I can’t remember if it showed visual cue for defensive skills too. I agree having something as you described would be nice.

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Would be better if there’s actually an AURA you can see where the boundary range is … same as Paladins skill Restoration ( maybe it has the same range ) but you can clearly see where the area is around you.


But it would also be good to see for one-time-cast skills. Like able to see if I’m close enough to the enemy for Gevura, able to see if my party is close enough to all get Revive, etc.

Like keeping the skill button pressed shows you who will be affected and you can still move around and until if you let it go you cast it. That would be nice.

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