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[IDEA] Silver, Token Benefits and Storage issues and my thoughts on such things

So iv played since 2019, and totally love the game completely but the only issue of late is not able to earn silver from killing mobs anymore and I’m really starting to find it a complete issue at the end of the day but this video above explains my idea and current concerns with how the development team is how they are handling the silver seller farm issue in hand, and honestly think it is a nice benefit towards Token users to give the ability to earn silver from killing mobs again if I’m a token user, and having a special quest given from the storage keeper to go on a quest to find a golden chest to upgrade your personal storage to add additional tabs options into your personal storage(or even adding a bonus login reward if token users to get a bit of silver for logging in per day as a token benefit user like just enough to have repair costs and a bit extra for things on the market so it would promote being a token user a bit more specially if token users have the benefit of being able to kill mobs and earn silver like that)

If you have a Token, you get five tabs on Team storage with 70 slots, which completely negates the need for expanding Personal storage for each character. Your only issue then is earning enough silver per month to cover the cost of a Token (30-40 mil silver if you buy one from Market and not from TP), which is not that complicated even if you play casually. After that, you really don’t need silver that much (use repair kits from Gabija shop they’re dead cheap) unless you buy many things from the market.

That’s the smartest idea I’ve ever read on this forum since cbt, they should do it pronto!

I’m sure that this game is so thriving because every new player is totally happy about spending a whole month of CM+DS grind to buy a token purchased with 1 hour of a low wage job :rofl: