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Ichor Transmutataion Bug

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 27 May 2019

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Runez

Character Name: Genzo

Bug Description :
(letting us know what you were doing before, during, and after the bug happened will help us a lot)

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Provide the ichor transumation and the visual show’s the intended ichor, but when transmuted, the ichor changed randomly

Screenshots / Video : (BUG) (BUG) (No Bug)

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) :


  • CPU : Intel I7
  • RAM : 8000

As above, i had sent in the ticket for your review. I’d spent alot of resources to reroll all of these stat and it was not rewarded as shown in UI… I wish to clarify if this random mechanisme is intended. Kindly review and appreciate your prompt action wholeheartedly @STAFF_Bob

Hello ralize87,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We suggest you to send a ticket for further investigation.

thanks @GM_Francis i had send in the ticket for relevant party review. thanks loads

This isn’t a bug, when you use multiple random stat pieces of gear, it will pick a random one of the 3 to ichor.

GM Francis is an automatic answer generator or something like that? or don’t know their own game? he think this is a real bug? or not even take a look of the videos/descripction of the “bug”? WTF?

thanks bro. they had cleared my doubt. i was just wondering cuz apparently UI shows fixed ichor when its identical item in place but question mark(random) when non indentical item in place.

It was in the original announcement for the change and I thought there was a warning in game, but it might be unclear.

Probably giving the OP the benefit of the doubt, some people don’t explain things clearly and it’s better to be absolutely sure.