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Ichor Fusion System

Ichor was presented as this wonderful endgame system that allowed players to customize their top tier equipment based on their preferences and needs but that didn’t worked out as planned, the whole system is time consuming, expensive, stressful and painful. For a top quality ichor you need to the highest rarity equipment, have the higher end of number of stat lines, get stats that align with your character and get it in high value, this alone is a considerable hurdle setup yet it can all go to waste when extracting the ichor itself. With that in mind i’m suggesting an Ichor Fusion mechanic that will cover up most of these elements based on the concept of failing faster.

To back up some of the system complaints i’ll have two other threads related to it as additional issues with identifiable equipment.

With the new dual ichor equipment, ichor extraction and streamlined stats for all equipment pieces it is possible to build a new system to enhance the ichor system as a whole for non-static equipment, fusion. The idea is simple, ichors based on non-static equipment can be combined into stronger ichors according to the maximum number of lines it can contain and the stat cap.

Take a look at this simple example

Simple fusion

Ichor A
CON +40
DEX +20

Ichor B
Fire Property Resistance +65

Fused Ichor
CON +40
DEX +20
Fire Property Resistance +65

The worst thing to happen when getting unidentified equipment is have it with 1 or 2 stat lines only, most, if not all, players will instantly dismantle the equipment as it doesn’t have enough latent potential as a high quality equipment, after all even an undesired stat in low value is better than nothing. A simple system like that on its own can make low line equipment highly desired even if the usage fee were high, not to mention it allows players to roll stats individually for more control on the final product.

If done as that this new feature will come with an issue as well, it will limit Ichor fusion to matching line numbers and prevent it to grow and change. With that in mind it is possible to have two new rules to address ichors stats and how they interact, ideally stats present in both ichors should be preserved and different stats, when beyond the ichor stat limit, should be randomly assigned based on value proportion.

Those two deserve their own examples but i also need to bring up some other important things to cover.

Overlapping fusion

Ichor A
CON +40
DEX +20

Ichor B
CON +55
Fire Property Resistance +65

Fused Ichor
CON +??
DEX +20
Fire Property Resistance +65

Among the options to assign the value for CON we have floor, ceiling and special, the first two will flatten the system depth and will make it either a flop or a simplistic upgrade system, this is where a third option comes handy. It could be expected for it to roll a number between the minimum and maximum value and this sounds good on paper but it will end up with players doing line by line fusions instead.

To compensante for that we can have a proportional chance based on value ranges, taking lower stat value, higher stat value and their average. From that we take the difference between higher and lower value and summed to their average, the lowest value stays as floor while the summed value becomes the ceiling, decreased to stat cap if beyond that. The server will roll a number and based on these measurements the stat will value will be assigned, as such fusing ichors will grant the lower value at worst and a value beyond higher at best.

Stat range suggested formula

Ichor A +40
Ichor B +55

Lower Value LV
Higher Value HV

Floor LV
Ceiling (HV + LV)/2 + HV - LV

(55 + 40) / 2 + 55 - 40
95/2 + 15

Range = 40~62

For conflicting stats the solution can be proportion of value and cap, all non-matching stats will be compared in their proportion and will roll the dice to see which one stays. The chance can also be applied based on the proportion, favoring mismatching stats that have higher proportional value yet keeping a smaller chance for the opposite side.

Missmatching stats

Ichor A - PDef 100 out of 500, 20%
Ichor B - CON 40 out of 80, 50%

20% = 2/7 = 28.5%
50% = 5/7 = 71.5%

PDef Chance = 28.5%
CON Chance = 71.5%

In a way this allows players to decrease unwanted stats and have them more likely to be overwritten later on, if they manage to get a lot of good lines and stat values from a single extraction.

The only exception for that is 2h based ichor as it has higher floor and ceiling for stat lines, for this matter it can still be fused with simple ichor but will stack up and keep as a 2h type. In this scenario it could be possible for 2h weapons to have line range of 1~6 and have it to be fused in all sorts of combinations.

For that to be possible the ichoring process for this kind of equipment has to become easier, be that by increasing the success rate, remove the material cost or give higher chance based on equipment enhancement and/or transcendence, the major flaw with this system is the investment x return it takes and the constant frustration from the last filter. The key for a system to strive is the ability to fail faster, have the ichoring itself to be easier while the other elements will consume more time and resources, possibly a sink, while being satisfying to use to some degree.

As a last important aspect that needs to be changed is the way ichor is applied to equipment, for it to be perfect the equipment tie has to be removed completely, allowing boots ichor being applicable to rapiers and shield ichor to top, with 2h being an exception as their own group. With that even 2h swords with magic stats can be converted into staff ichor and each equipment piece can be selected, removed, upgraded and/or replaced dynamically with the only limit being time, effort and silver.


maybe they can make possible to fuse one unique, one rare and one magic grade ichor together
inherit highest stats(ichor base is unique one).
Stat priority is more rare > more common and order of stat on ichor

exemple (armor ichor, max 4 stats)

unique ichor

44 spr
32 con
11 str

rare ichor

41 con
12 str
25 evasion

magic ichor

30 spr
27 str
30 int
20 dex

ichor after fusion

44 spr
41 con
27 str
25 evasion

fused ichor inherit evasion because rarity of rare ichor is > magic ichor
and because evasion is 4th stat (unique ichor already has 3 stats, and two overlap on rare ichor,
so evasion is chosen as 4th stat)

this way 1 stat ichor and different equip rarity ichor all have value ( none ichor magic gear currently because it worthless)

I found this as bad idea simce the game lacks of content to play everday the farmimg part for ichor crafting is the one who take more time because is one of the last things to do. Actually this system probably could help a bit for mew players or casual players that r on 1 hour per day or 2 only. But major of population play the game for more time this mean. Everyone over casual players gonma get perfect ichors without any effort on this system. Also this system gonna kill the market because after a week of crazybuying people didnt gonna do it anymore. Actually now with the 3 piece system this have set a top price for ichors. But the entire system die if we make a patch like this that is clearly design for casual players. And not for de major population of the game

Aside from this craft ichors is easy. If u want to have it the cheaper as possible try doing ichors from purple clotha that rerolls with nucle if u see barely bad ichors in market with 30 stat or 25+ is because was a temporary one crafted to fill the velco while getting the one u want like plate ignas or others. This game is not hard. But if u want to play end game u need to play more than 2 hours per day is a mmorpg u cant make it more easy for casualz cause real population gonna end game bexause a casual player cant gear up

Eventually over time this can indeed happen, but it won’t be that quick. Ichor Fusion idea is a way to make the short end of the stick into something worthy, you can get a single line equipment but you’ll still have to roll it for the desired stat and a high value on it. It is way easier than doing it on multiple lines but you still need to do it for every line (or couple of lines) per piece, even then the stat value is tied to the equipment grade and you’ll need primus for top quality just as today. Fusion will certainly make good ichor possible as a matter of time but the best quality ichor will still be limited to some degree, even then you may have to tune each stat line by line (perhaps as slow as 1~2 points per new ichor) to get the ceiling value.

An interesting way to reverse this possible issue of single line clustering is by changing appraisal to have higher chance on maximum lines and lower chance on single lines, this will make most equipment usable as it is while low liners will turn into the desired endgame materials. Even better if you manage the desired stats on multiple line equipment and slowly refine it with single line ichors.

Having a top tier ichor today is possible but it takes too much time and resource to do so even for dedicated players, this is just a way to make this grind more accessible and more satisfying to use.

The only reason i’m bringing this up is because we’ll have two ichors available per equipment piece, one with fixed stats and one with random stats. Last week i’ve spent more than 33k of nucle powder on a single berthas spear and the only roll that was pleasant had low stats, all that because we have no complementary system to improve random stats beyond their lines. If you need more than 33k nucle powder to roll a second tier equipment to have a decent ichor something is clearly wrong.

For this matter even something that can combine the matching Ichor stats for higher value is enough, but then you still need sierra powder that isn’t as common (and is a raid stone material) to have your equipment likely to be destroyed. I’d be sold for ichor fusion at our current ichoring rates if they changed the extraction catalyst to be nucle powder or flat out removed.

I completely agree that the game has to reward those that invest time on it but the truth is that a lot of the game systems are hostile to new and casual players (with a larger power ceiling coming with double ichor), any player with that may have the potential to become a long time player can be discouraged to do so when facing the (re)identification system. We may have a stable population for long but if people start quitting we’ll have a hard time with new players.

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From what i understand u want a way to make sure u gonna get the ichor u want. Without Re - rolling or buying from market. Because is hard or expensive. On mmorpg the joke is the end game should be hard to get. Not a thing of few days and some powder. It need to be a thing to try and fail to try again. If not people gonna rush the final equip them wait till next update.

Also about nucle powder i sell 32k of them everyweek. Because thats the joke of the game farm and found a way to gear up. Not try to propouse a system to make the game easy to end

This is very easy if u dont have luck rerolling buy from market. Is like the people who dont have luck with recipes and buy it from market or luck with refine u buy a refinned item. Make the game easy to end is just a way to kill the game. With time everyone gonna get the perfect ichors but gonna be by buying sierras and nucles from other players and investing tons of time for it. Not a week getting trash ichors and fusing all of them to get the best one. Because with 2 ichors with the system u propouse we can have a perfect ichor without any problem .

I just gonna say that looks like u r looking for a fast end game. where u spend 30 days or so to be full and play pvp or last content. This is not. Korean mmorpg are common for be long to gear and full farming spending alot of time on it

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