Ichor Compensation (Rebuild)


What will happen to our ichors if we change a weap ? Still don’t understand it right ;/

1.Do we get the extracted ichor+ a voucher
2. or do we lose the ichor and get instead a voucher
3. or is the voucher to extract the ichor


I also want to know. It is poorly explained.


I would wait for official announcements, there is just too much conflicting information out there right now.


*** Ichor Extraction:** To prevent Ichors from losing their value due to extraction and main weapon type change, all players are provided with 100% Ichor Extraction Voucher on the following grounds:
100% Fixed Stat Ichor Extraction Voucher for where fixed stat ichors are used
100% Random Stat Ichor Extraction Voucher for where random stat ichors are used

This is how I’m reading it, and I’m pretty sure based on the wording it’ll go this way:

  1. If you have an ichor equipped in a weapon, and you trade it in for another weapon, you will get the ichor back.

  2. If the ichor is from a fixed property item (Masi, wastrel, asio, etc) you also get a 100% extraction voucher to use on any fixed property item. Meaning if you trade your velc crossbow weapon with Masi crossbow ichor equipped for a dagger, you get Masi crossbow ichor and you get a voucher to extract any other fixed property item. Which theoretically can be used on say asio dagger to get the ichor for your new weapon. It cannot be used on a primus or berths weapon to get the ichor from.

  3. If the ichor is from a random property (berths, primus, etc) you get that ichor back and a 100% extraction voucher for another random property item. Meaning if you have a velc crossbow with a primus ichor (40 con, 40dex whatever) equipped and you trade in for a dagger, you get that primus ichor back and a voucher that can theoretically be used on any random property item which are your berths, primus, etc items. It cannot be used on fixed property items like Masi, wastrel, asio, etc.

This is how I am reading those compensations, anyone please feel free to dispute or add on.


Does anyone know for a fact that this 100% ichor extraction voucher can be given upon exchange once per team or per weapon exchange?


I was told yes by many expd players that have played the rebuild on ktos and copied what they were doing.

I personally saved up for a velco 1H mace
(shield is much cheaper to transcend but the mace gave me a decent wpn to farm with the last few wks while waiting)
and then ichor’d a masinios mace to put on the velco mace so when I swap the mace in rebuild for a 2H Bow for my falc/merg ill get a 100% ichor extraction voucher to use on a wastrel bow I have saved.


Thank you for the reply, do you know if you can get multiple 100% ichor extraction kit from multiple weapon exchange or you can only get 1?


np, idk about any limit

however on my server atleast (klaipedia) its basically the same cost now to craft masinios as it is asio or wastrel b/c so many people are doing it to cheese the 100% vouchers during the exchange so at this point it really doesnt matter how you do it

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