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Ichor chance is never 10%

Did they change ichor chance again? I tried 48 times to ichor 6 different pieces but it didn’t work a single time. No way this is 10% chance. There is a 0.6% chance to fail 48 times in a row.

it happens
I once spent 60 goldens on an item
sometimes I just oneshot them

Damn, sorry mate, you just got really unlucky, it is 10% tho, but it sometimes be like that, sometimes you’ll get 4 ichors first try back to back, sometimes you have to spend 30 golden extraction kits to get 1 ichor

the other day i prepare 70 golden kit to ichor my vv cause dang it has 5 pot
succeeded in first try lol
my ritual is always do it in one run

my worst record: 22 golden ichor for 1 tiny litle blue trinket

Once I spent all my golden kits on one piece (70+). And last time we got event with timed ones, I only had one ichor to make and, of course, the process worked on the first try… :man_facepalming:

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It’s Korean 10% which is more like 1%.

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Good that all the Golden ichor kits we get/got from events are always time limited. Had like 50 left when I didn’t need them and now they are all deleted.

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when I fail 3-5 times in a row … I go to my other character and get the ichor XDD also another one … I try to ichor 3 items in rotation … more chance of success … dunno how but it works for me …

its just placebo effect tbh, i tried extract 3 items with A-B-C-A sequence too but still fail.

When you still have potential on your items you spreading the failures among them if you do it in rotation. After they have 0 potential…it is worth nothing to do it in rotation.

So , I’m out of Golden Ichor extractors… and they made a thousand shops, mercenary, vaivora, badges, popo , Tp, and NONE of they now gives a single golden ichor extractor, so what now Imc ???

farm silver, wasted spend it to buy g extractor at market, use it in couple minute and bam
still failed hahahaha
or just wait for another event

Afaik it is something like 10% on every try, not cumulative…

So trying X10 in a row doest guarantee success if you know what I mean…

Bu like the many others, I do have spent so much golden ichor sets on an old gear I just stopped, I think I even made a thread about it how frustrating it is

Then sometimes you just get it easy af

So IMC being IMC they won’t really disclose how the system works, let alone if it is even a “fair” system Afterall

Well, if the possibility each try is 10%, the cumulative possibility to succeed should be 10%, too. The higher amount of ichoring tries you take, the more it should approach exactly 10%. But of course it is difficult to tell how much tries are neccesary to get a representative result.
If you take my 71 tries to finally get one ichor as a representative amount (which it is probably not) the chance seems more like below 5%, or I’m just extremely unlucky.

DON’T trush IMC RNG Game … they will make you cry …